19 Minimalist Bathroom Designs with Inspirational Squat Toilets that are Easy to Imitate

Some people still choose a bathroom with a squat toilet, because they are more comfortable with the squat toilet model during chapters. The minimalist bathroom design of the squat toilet does seem less contemporary. But there are still many people who like and need a squat toilet.

So that the inspiration for bathroom designs that can meet the needs of family members is still needed. Although the actual bathroom design does not get too much attention.

Even though having a comfortable and nice bathroom will also affect the atmosphere of the house. Especially for people who do a lot of activities at home.

Are you a squat toilet user? Although this type of toilet is considered tacky by some people, it actually provides more benefits, you know. For example, it can prevent hemorrhoids, constipation, and help maximize stool output.

Bathrooms with squat toilets are stereotyped by the public as boring old-fashioned bathrooms. But do you know? There are various types of designs that you can apply to your minimalist bathroom. Whether it’s through the selection of tiles, or the addition of room beautification ornaments.

So, how about the design? Let’s look at examples of minimalist bathroom designs with the latest squat toilets below.

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