2 Easy Ways to Check Xiaomi RAM on MIUI 13

Mi Xiaomi fans know very well that Xiaomi phones have a lot of features in them. One feature that is quite interesting is the feature to show the specifications of the cellphone. How to check Xiaomi RAM on MIUI 13 can be done by using the default features of the Xiaomi cellphone.

As we know as Mi Fans, Xiaomi phones offer a lot of good RAM options in their phones. One of the RAM options offered is RAM with a large enough capacity.

The special thing is that several Xiaomi cellphones are equipped with RAM with a super relieved capacity. Even for Xiaomi phones in low bugdet classes like Xiaomi Redmi 10 Series also equipped with RAM with a large capacity for a class of 1 million cellphones.

For new Xiaomi users, maybe you don’t understand the features regarding how to check Xiaomi HP RAM. Even though Xiaomi itself has equipped it with built-in features that are easy to access.

For MIUI 13, it’s even easier to check Total RAM yourself. We can find the features provided to check RAM itself in the settings menu section of the Xiaomi cellphone itself.

The purpose of checking RAM is usually done by new Xiaomi users. They check the RAM with the aim of knowing the cellphone specs from the RAM section.

The function of RAM itself is to support multitasking features. The greater the RAM, the greater the multitasking of the cellphone or being able to open applications simultaneously. The following are several options for How to Check Xiaomi RAM on MIUI 13

1. Xiaomi Default Features

How to Check RAM XiaomiBy using Xiaomi’s own built-in features, Mi Fans can check the total RAM on their cellphones. This method is the most practical way to find out the total RAM on Xiaomi the fastest.

The way itself is very easy by accessing the feature menu on Xiaomi. In the settings menu, HP Xiaomi can check specifications easily with the following steps.

  1. Open Arrangement Xiaomi phones
  2. Continue clicking the menu About Phone
  3. Next select the menu Overall Specifications on the menu that appears
  4. Then the information will appear regarding RAM xiaomi phone

This method is the easiest way and can be found on Xiaomi with MIUI 13 and above. If your Xiaomi cellphone already uses MIUI 13 and above, the way to check RAM with default features is as above.

2. Via Application

2 Easy Ways to Check Xiaomi RAM on MIUI 13The next step that can be done is to use additional applications. You Xiaomi cellphone users can use this method to be able to check RAM.

Actually there are lots of applications that support it, but applications like Aida64 are the best. Apart from checking RAM, the aida64 application is also useful for checking the overall specifications.

  1. Please download aida64 app
  2. If so, please open the application
  3. Then give access to the application permission
  4. Then information about Xiaomi specifications will appear
  5. This includes RAM specification information

There are many interesting applications besides aida64, but this one application has been used by many users for a long time. The small size also makes this application not burden the internal memory of Xiaomi phones.


So there you have it, two easy ways to find out the total RAM on a Xiaomi cellphone easily and quickly. It is important for Android phone users to know the amount of RAM of their cellphone to estimate its multitasking capabilities.

So, hopefully the easy tutorial above can make MI fans understand how to check Xiaomi’s RAM capacity. See also other interesting tutorials such as “How to Turn on a Xiaomi Cellphone Without the Power Button” which can be known on the information Projectino previously.