2 Ways to Hide Photos on Vivo Phones Without Applications

The privacy of smartphone users needs to be guarded from unauthorized people. Are you a Vivo cellphone user, do you know how to hide photos on a Vivo cellphone? You can find this feature for hiding photos on all Vivo cellphones.

Almost all Android phones are equipped with a feature to be able to hide photos on their cellphones. Likewise Vivo with their FunTouch OS is able to present features to be able to hide photos.

No need for additional applications, you can easily hide photos. There are many interesting features in Vivo’s FunTouchOS, one of which is being able to hide photos.

For adults, of course, they have photo files that other people may not know about. If saving it with photos in the Gallery feels insecure, Vivo users must know about the available photo hiding feature.

It’s as easy as How to Restore Deleted Photos on Vivo which can also use built-in features. You are a Vivo user, with enough default features, you can immediately hide photos. There is even a feature to be able to hide applications that have been prepared by Vivo.

How to hide photos on a Vivo cellphone without an applicationActually there are two ways to hide private photos on HP Vivo. The first uses the built-in features that already exist in Vivo. The second way is to use additional applications to hide photos.

The two options both have their advantages and disadvantages. Well the following Projectino.com I will share how to hide photos or pictures on HP Vivo easily and safely.

1. Use Built-In Features

The first way that you must know as a Vivo user is to take advantage of Vivo’s built-in features. Where Vivo with its Funtouch OS has a feature to hide photos that Vivo cellphone users themselves want.

We can find this built-in feature for hiding photos on all Vivo cellphones of all types. To apply it yourself, you don’t need additional features, you can follow the following tutorial.

  1. Entered into Vivo HP Gallery
  2. Next select Photos which will be hidden
  3. Please you can mark some photos that will be hidden

  4. Then tap triple line icon in the far right in Gallery.

  5. Please select Hide or Move to File Safebox on the menu that appears.

  6. Please tap the button Create New to create a new folder.

  7. If you have pressed the button done.

  8. Then automatically the photos that have been marked earlier will be hidden

How to View hidden Photos

After following the method above, you should have succeeded in hiding photos on a Vivo cellphone. So, to be able to see photos that have been hidden by yourself, you can follow this one step.

  1. Open the app FileManager Vivo Phones.
  2. Scroll down and select menu File Save.
  3. Please Enter PIN which was made before.
  4. If you successfully enter, you will see the photo that was hidden earlier.

This option can be done easily for all Vivo HP of all types. When you want to hide a photo, you just need to enter the gallery menu. Meanwhile, when you want to see the hidden photos, please open the File Manager menu.

2. Use the Application

The second option is to use additional applications to hide photos and videos. This method can also be a very interesting alternative way to be applied very easily and also quickly.

There are lots of applications that have a feature to hide photos in the Playstore. You can try to use this method on all cellphones, not just HP Vivo.

  1. Downloads the LockMyPix app on Playstore
  2. Open app, give app permission access
  3. Follow the prompts as directed
  4. Create any password you want
  5. Then select the photo to lock
  6. Done

Apart from the locmypix application, there are actually many similar applications that are suitable for Android cellphone users to try using. Compared to other similar applications, this application has many advantages besides of course you can download it for free on the Playstore.

How to hide photos on a Vivo cellphone can be applied to all Vivo cellphones of all brands. Where you are an Android cellphone user, you can use two ways, namely using the default features to using additional applications.

The two methods above can be selected, but using the built-in features is the easiest and most efficient way. Also know other interesting tutorials such as How to Display the HP Brand on the Xiaomi Camera like the previous tutorial from Projektino.