2 Ways to Limit Xiaomi MIUI 12 & 13 Data Usage

Internet or data connection is one of the most important requirements for a cell phone connection. But do you know how to limit Xiaomi data usage. Where the use of Xiaomi’s own HP data can be limited with default features.

Internet connection is one of the things that may be very important for smart phones to be able to access the internet. If we use too much internet data packages, then it is only natural for us to limit users.

Where is there a way to overcome this by limiting the use of Xiaomi cellphone data. Restricting data usage for Xiaomi cellphones can be an interesting option to overcome excessive data usage, it does require limiting it.

Excessive internet data packages indeed make users have to buy internet packages frequently. One way to save on internet packages is to limit data usage.

Where restrictions on internet data usage can be done either daily, weekly or monthly. It’s the same as How to Check Xiaomi RAM, which can also be done using the built-in features of a Xiaomi cellphone.

How to Limit Xiaomi Data Usage Without ApplicationsXiaomi cellphones are also equipped with features to be able to limit data package usage. Where is the feature of limiting internet data packages on Xiaomi cellphones, you can choose in the settings or settings section of Xiaomi cellphones.

Well, this time Projectino.com will share information about how to Limit Xiaomi’s Data Usage. Please follow the steps below so you can properly restrict data usage on Xiaomi cellphones.

Use Xiaomi’s Default Features

How to Limit Xiaomi Miui 12 Data UsageThe first step that can be applied when you want to limit Xiaomi data usage is to use Xiaomi’s built-in features. Where Xiaomi itself has equipped its cellphone with a data usage restriction feature.

This user restriction feature can be found on all Xiaomi cellphones with old and new MIUI. So you can practice this method with the same mechanism for all Xiaomi cellphones.

  1. Open the app Settings on Xiaomi cellphones
  2. Select a menu Connection & Sharing
  3. Continue to select menu Quota Usage
  4. Select an application to limit its use
  5. Then a selection of cellular data, WiFi and background data will appear
  6. Please select which one to deactivate
  7. Done

So, this step can be an option for you to limit the use of internet packages on your Xiaomi cellphone. You can also find this method on Xiaomi with MIUI 13 and so on.

Use the Data Usage Limiting application

How to Limit Xiaomi Miui 13 Data UsageWell, the next option is to use an application. Where there are several applications that have features to limit user internet data usage. There are many applications, one of which is the May Data Manager application.

For those of you who want to use data usage restrictions, you can use the application too. For how to use this application is actually the same as using an existing application such as using the default feature.

  1. Please download the application My DataManager
  2. Next open the app and give the app permission access
  3. If so, you can set the desired user restrictions yourself

Apart from this application, there are many applications that also have the same feature, namely to limit internet data package users on cellphones. Well, this method can be a solution if Xiaomi users can use the application as a second alternative.


So that’s a few easy steps that Xiaomi users can apply to limit data package usage. Of the two existing methods you can choose, which method can be applied to your Xiaomi cellphone easily.

So, with this method, it is hoped that Xiaomi cellphone users can apply data restrictions easily using the built-in feature. Also know interesting reviews about Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy A04 in the previous tutorial.