2 Ways to Measure Distance on Google Maps on Android

How to Measure Distances on Google Maps on Android

Several questions arise regarding how to measure distances on Google Maps on Android. The Google Maps feature is actually able to measure distances from points that have been marked by users.

To be able to measure distances using Google maps itself is actually very easy. However, users may not understand how to use the measuring feature on Google maps.

The purpose of measuring distances is to find out the size of the distance from one point to another on Google maps. Call it measuring the distance from the house to the workplace, or even measuring the width and length of a piece of land.

To be able to measure distances on Google maps, users can use access Google maps application as well as Web Google maps on Android phones. Both using the application and the website are still the same, it can be done easily.

The distance measured on the Google maps application is two points that make a straight line. For example, measuring the length of a road, you can even measure the distance from one city to another using the options offered.

How to Measure Distances on Google Maps on AndroidFor convenience, it would be better if you just use the Google Maps application instead of using the page. Even though actually using a web site is still just as easy, namely with the same trick.

If using the application it feels more friendly for Android phone users. Well, here’s what Projectino I will share easy tips for measuring distances on Google Maps on Android that Android cellphone users must know.

Using the Google Maps Application

How to Measure Distances on Google MapsEven though they are almost the same, the way to measure distances in both the application and the web is slightly different. There are several steps that are slightly different because they are adjusted to the Android user.

The first step, please make sure you have used the latest version of the Google Maps application first. If not, please check the application version, make sure you are using the latest Android version to be able to access it. If you have, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Maps application on the Android phone
  2. Select the location to be measured
  3. Later a red pin will appear
  4. Continue to select measure or measure distance
  5. Move the map so that the black circle is on the next point you want to add
  6. In the lower left corner a distance will appear
  7. Done

So, that’s how to use the Google Maps application to be able to measure distances on an Android phone. Where the current distance can be found by specifying a size that you can set yourself in the Google Maps application.

Via Google Maps Web

2 Ways to Measure Distance on Google Maps on AndroidThe next step is to use the website or website version of Google Maps. Where you can use the Google maps website/web to be able to access the second option for measuring distances.

Measuring distance on an Android cellphone using both the site and the application is a little different. However, when using the site the user does not need to activate the GPS and can still be active using this method.

  1. Please open a browser on your PC / cellphone, open it Google Maps.
  2. Please, you can right-click on the starting point of measurement.
  3. Then please select the Measure / Measure distance menu.
  4. Next, create a measurement path, you can click on the initial location you want to measure.
  5. At Please select the final location then select the size in kilometers (km) or meters.
  6. The distance will appear on the screen

Now for the size itself you can see it as the user draws a straight line to the destination you want to measure. You can apply this interesting option on a PC when using Google Maps both for applications and using it on the Android cellphone web.


So there are some interesting options that Android cellphone users can do to measure the distance to a place. Where measuring the distance using the application is fairly accurate. Even if you measure the distance using Google Maps, there will definitely be a difference.

With Google maps, we can find out the length of a place without bothering to measure it manually. See also information about How to Delete All Contacts on HP Oppo easily and quickly in the previous Tutorial.