2 Ways to Restore Notes on Samsung Notes Permanently

Samsung cellphone users certainly often use the notes feature to record important things. But sometimes there are things that make the note disappear, for How to Restore Notes on Samsung Notes itself is quite easy.

Samsung cellphones and other cellphones are also equipped with notes or note features on Android phones. So, you are a Samsung cellphone user, of course you must understand the features to be able to do this note on a Samsung cellphone.

All notes on Samsung cellphones can be more interesting to write, especially with the customization features. So users can make notes with various customization of numbers and letters as well as color games.

For those who actively use an Android smartphone, of course, making notes on their cellphone will be easier. Compared to taking notes using a book as it was a few years ago.

Notes or note applications already exist on Samsung cellphones by default. As well as How to Delete Other Samsung HP Files users need some tricks to restore deleted records.

How to Restore Notes on Samsung Notes PermanentlyNotes that have been deleted on a Samsung cellphone can be restored using the default Samsung cellphone feature. Samsung cellphone users who actively use notes are of course very obligatory to know and understand this feature.

One way that is needed is to restore the backup feature on Samsung Cloud. Well, here’s what Projectino convey information about How to Restore Notes on Samsung Notes that you must know as a Samsung user.

1. Use Samsung Backup

How to Restore Notes in Samsung NotesIf you have previously activated the Samsung Backup feature on a Samsung cellphone, then you can use this method. The backup feature itself is very useful if some files are sometimes accidentally deleted.

Make sure you have backed up the Samsung Notes application. If you have backed up, you just have to restore the available features.

  1. Make sure Samsung Note has been done backups
  2. Open settings or settings
  3. Select a menu Clouds and Accounts
  4. Continue selecting the menu Restore data
  5. Select which to in recovery i.e. documents from notes
  6. After checking continue to select the menu Restore
  7. If you have, please check the Samsung Notes application, then the file will return

So, this option can be your first choice, as long as you have activated the Samsung Cloud feature. All files that have been backed up themselves can easily be restored as long as the backup process is perfect.

2. Use the Application

PROJECTINOThe next option is to use the help of an existing PC or computer device. Well, you can easily apply this next option if the user has a PC or maybe a laptop.

By using EaseUS MobiSaver, we can restore accidentally deleted Samsung notes. For the options themselves, you can do the application using a method like this.

  1. Use a PC/Laptop then open the EaseUS MobiSaver page
  2. Please download the free version of the software
  3. If so, please install it on your PC / Laptop device
  4. Please enable Samsung USB Debugging first
  5. Connect the Samsung HP device to the PC using a USB cable
  6. Automatically scan files on a Samsung cellphone
  7. Please select the data you want to recover
  8. If it has been selected then you can select Recover
  9. Select the file to be saved on the android device
  10. Then open the resulting folder that was recovered earlier from the EaseUS MobiSaver software

Well, this one option can of course be applied as long as the cellphone hasn’t made settings to factory settings. So you can restore notes, make sure you understand the files you want to restore and put them in a folder that is easy to track.


So, those are some ways to restore notes on Samsung Notes that you need to do to restore deleted Note files. Of the two existing ways of course the first way is the easiest way.

The reason is that the first method does not use additional tools because it completely uses the default features of a Samsung cellphone. See also reviews about “Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro” on a previous review from Projektino.