2 Ways to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on Mobile

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on Mobile

Sometimes there are mistakes that occur when we are using an Android phone. One of them is when we accidentally delete files like videos. How to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on your own cellphone is actually quite easy.

If the deleted video is an important video, we will definitely regret it very much. Unfortunately the deleted video is a video that has not been backed up at all.

Actually you don’t need to panic, there are several options that you can choose so you can restore the deleted videos. You can use the features on your cellphone or use additional applications to restore deleted videos.

To restore deleted videos on your own Android phone is quite easy. But when the deleted video is too old, the process of returning it is also more difficult.

Need quick action when you find out that important videos stored on your cellphone have been deleted. This time Projectino there will be various interesting tutorials about easily restoring permanently deleted videos on cellphones.

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on MobileThere are several procedures that you need to know when trying to restore deleted videos. Almost the same Restore Deleted Photos on Android Phonesyou can also apply this method in almost the same way.

But there are a number of conditions that you must of course go through before dealing with the problem of accidentally deleted videos. The following are several steps that you need to choose as an option to restore accidentally deleted videos.

Use Google Photos Tools

You can apply the first method if you have the Google Photos application on your cellphone. If the deleted video is in the Android cellphone gallery, not on Google Photos, you can use this option.

Apart from restoring deleted videos, you can also apply this first method to videos. Now, for the details yourself, you can follow an easy tutorial from Projectino like this one.

How to Restore Deleted Videos on Xiaomi cellphones

  1. Enter the Google Photos app.
  2. Make sure the phone is connected to the Internet
  3. Please select the “Video” menu
  4. Look for previously deleted videos.
  5. You can later select the videos that you want to restore to your cellphone
  6. Please select the Restore menu
  7. Then the deleted video will be returned again

So, that’s an easy method that you can choose when you want to restore deleted videos on your cellphone. Make sure the Google Photos application is installed first and the user has backed up all existing data.

For Xiaomi phones

Luckily you are a Xiaomi cellphone user because you can easily restore deleted videos. Where MIUI is very understanding by presenting a feature to restore deleted videos.

The feature to restore deleted videos itself is in the Gallery menu section. To access it is also very simple because there is no additional access, just enter the gallery menu on the Xiaomi cellphone.

  1. Please enter the menu Xiaomi phone galleryHow to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on Xiaomi cellphones
  2. Select a menu three dots icon at the top
  3. Continue by selecting the menu Trashbin
  4. Then you need to enter Mi Cloud ID on the menu that appears
  5. After that it will appear videos and photos deleted, then we can restore
  6. Next, you can select the video that you want to restore, then press menu recover
  7. So automatically deleted videos or images will be recovered to the gallery and returned

You can apply this one option by Xiaomi cellphone users in a very easy way. Both Xiaomi cellphone users with old and new MIUI can use the same method. So don’t panic when you find a deleted video on your cellphone, because you can use these two methods to restore deleted videos.


Sometimes there are errors that make some videos or photos accidentally deleted. You can apply the two methods above as a solution if your Android phone loses photos or videos on your cellphone.

Make sure all the methods you apply are the same, so that the video can be recovered correctly. For Xiaomi users, you must also know “How to Activate Samsung HP Developer Options”, whose reviews have been discussed in the previous tutorial from Projektino.