2 Ways to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on OPPO Mobile

It feels mixed for sure when you find out that important videos stored on your cellphone have suddenly disappeared because they were deleted. Even though there is a way to restore permanently deleted videos on OPPO cellphones with built-in features.

You are an Oppo cellphone user, of course you have a video file. Where videos that are accidentally deleted might be quite disappointing. Especially if the video is an important video.

Actually, deleted videos are not completely deleted because they still have the original files. Especially for those of you who already use the Google Photos feature, you can back up videos easily.

Where the Photo and Video backup feature will automatically exist if the user has installed the Google Photos application. In addition to the default features of the Google Photos application, it is also very helpful for recovering deleted videos.

Almost the same How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on OPPO Mobile you can do the same way. Default features and Google Photos are two things that can really help restore those deleted videos.

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on OPPO MobileAfter realizing that your video was accidentally deleted on a Vivo HP. Then the quick steps to recovering the video so that it comes back again is the right way.

The faster recover deleted Videos the better. Well, here’s what Projectino there will be various information regarding How to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on the correct OPPO cellphone.

1. Restore Via Gallery

Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on OPPO PhonesThe first option is to access the HP Oppo Gallery menu. Files that were deleted intentionally or accidentally can still be restored. Where there are several steps that can be taken by accessing the gallery to recover this deleted video.

In fact, videos that have been deleted themselves are not really deleted because they can still be recovered. As long as the user hasn’t cleared the cache, the video recovery option can still be done easily.

  1. First open photo gallery on Oppo HP.
  2. Then select the menu Album.
  3. Please scroll down and click options Recently Deleted.
  4. Next select videos which you will return.
  5. Click menus healing.
  6. Then you will automatically get the video file back.
  7. Done.

After it is restored, the video that is displayed will later appear again in your cellphone gallery. This option can be practiced for all Oppo with new and old ColorOS using the same method.

2. Recover Via Google Photos

How to Restore Deleted Photos on HP Vivo

The second way to be able to restore permanently deleted videos on OPPO cellphones is to access Google Photos. With the Cloud system on Google Photos, it allows users to be able to recover deleted photos and videos in the gallery.

The option to be able to return this video can be applied if you are a Google Photos application user. If the Google Photos application has been synchronized, this method will obviously be a very powerful way to apply it.

  1. Open the Google Photos app on HP Vivo
  2. Choose gallery in the lower right corner
  3. Next select the icon trash with the Trash / Trash icon
  4. Then many deleted photos will appear in the photo
  5. Please select Videos which will be restored
  6. If you have found it then tap the photo and hold it and also select it healing
  7. Done

This option can be used to recover accidentally deleted videos on Oppo cellphones and other cellphones. So besides being able to recover deleted videos, you can also recover deleted videos in the same way.


So there you have it, a few easy steps for How to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on OPPO Phones. Where all of the above methods can be applied to all Vivo HP users of any type.

After knowing this method, don’t panic anymore when you find out that the video has been deleted. See also interesting reviews about How to Delete Other Samsung Files on the Previous Tutorial from Projektino.