2+ Ways to Screen Record on Samsung with built-in features

How to Screen Record on Samsung with built-in features

Samsung Android phones are still the top choice for those who want a smartphone with complete performance. We can find various features as Samsung HP users. This includes how to screen record on Samsung which is in the default feature.

In addition to equipping the cellphone with many contemporary new features. HP Samsung also still maintains some of the basic features that are still used today.

One such basic feature Screenshots or screenshots and also a screen recorder or screen record are basic features that we can still find. Where to record the screen itself can be done easily because it has provided its own features.

The purpose of screen recording is usually different. Anyone want to record the screen for game needs, or record the screen just to show the appearance of something that is on the screen.

Samsung HP users don’t need to use additional applications to record the screen. Enough with the default features to be able to record the screen on a Samsung android phone. In fact, there are many interesting settings when we want to do a Samsung screen recording.

How to Screen Record on Samsung with built-in featuresTo be able to do a Samsung cellphone screen record yourself, you can do it using the default feature. It’s just that some users don’t know how to bring up and use the screen record feature.

Well, this time Projectino I will share information about how to screen record on Samsung. Where there are several ways that you can apply to simply record the screen on a Samsung cellphone. Here are several ways you can choose to record the screen.

1. Use Samsung Default Features

The first easy step is obviously by using the built-in features of Samsung phones. As with other Android cellphones, Samsung also provides a feature to be able to record screens on their cellphones.

It’s just that this feature must first be activated so that it can appear on the front page of a Samsung cellphone. So, for how to activate and use it yourself, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Please Swipe down the status bar to open Quick Panels
  2. Next click the icon three dots in the top right corner,
  3. Continue and then select edit.
  4. Then look for menus Screen Recorder
  5. Then press and hold menu Screen Recorder
  6. Then Drag to Quick Panels
  7. After that, just click the Done button.

When it’s finished, in the Quick panel menu we will be able to find the screen record feature. Later when you want to record the screen you only need to drag the screen up then down then the quick panel menu appears and select screen recorder.

  1. Just like the method above, you must first open the Quick Panel menu by swiping down the status bar until the Quick Panel menu appears
  2. Next look for the Screen Recorder icon, then click the icon.How to record the Samsung A03 cellphone screen
  3. After that, a pop-up will appear to allow the smartphone to take video recordings. Please allow Samsung Capture to capture and record videos.
  4. Next allow the application to record audio
  5. The next video recorder sound settings will appear. There are three options available, namely recording the screen without sound, with media sound, and media sound and microphone. Please choose one of them
  6. Then just click the button Start RecordingRecording the Samsung A03 HP Screen
  7. Then a screen recording timer or countdown will appear.
  8. Next, a virtual button will appear to control the screen recording.Stop Screen Recording
  9. Please click the Stop button if you want to stop recording the screen.
  10. Done

So you must first activate the screen recorder menu or feature on your Samsung cellphone, before you can use it. Uniquely, in the features offered, users can choose the settings or video quality to be used.

2. Use Additional Applications

How to Screen Record on SamsungIf you are not satisfied with the existing features, it is highly recommended to use additional applications. Please use additional applications that may have many features in them.

There are lots of third-party applications that have many more complete features. Even the unique screen recorder application itself can be applied more perfectly because it has many additional features that are not present in the default feature itself.

  • XRecorder
  • VidmaRecoder
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Mobizen
  • ADV Screen Recorder

All the applications above are the best applications that can be attractive choices for you. Please select which application above would be the best choice for you. You can also download all of the above applications for free on the Playstore.


So there are a few steps you can choose for How to Screen Record on Samsung easily. Where all of the above methods can also be done without using additional third-party applications.

Tutorial on How to Screen Record on the Samsung A Series can also be applied to all other types of Samsung cellphones. See also interesting reviews about “How to Eliminate Xiaomi BUGS” on a previous review from Projektino.