2 Ways to Temporarily Disable IG on Android

How to temporarily disable IG on Android

How to temporarily disable IG on Android? Maybe a question like this will arise in the minds of Instagram users. Where there is no feature to deactivate the Instagram application, it makes users use shortcuts.

There are several reasons why Instagram users want to deactivate their Instagram accounts. But deactivating itself has a purpose so that one day it can be activated again when you want to use it.

The various reasons for Android cellphone users to activate their Instagram account are for reasons of use. But in the absence of built-in features, we need to use other ways to disable it.

There are several ways that Projectino taste can be a powerful way to deactivate the IG application. You can do this using the settings menu or additional third-party applications.

If you want to use an application, we can choose which application to use. There are several applications that support cellphones to disable several applications at once, including the Telegram application if necessary.

How to temporarily disable IG on AndroidInstagram is a social media application that has a very large number of users. There are many interesting features that we can find in the Instagram application. No wonder many users are loyal to using this one social media application.

Talking about deactivating applications, it’s actually almost the same How to Disable Samsung Pay using additional applications. So, here are some options that Projektino will share for deactivating IG.

1. Deactivate IG Via Application

The first way you can do to temporarily deactivate Instagram is via the application. Actually, Instagram itself provides the main feature to easily deactivate IG in the settings menu.

So you can access the settings menu or settings in the Instagram application itself to disable it temporarily. Well, the method itself is quite easy by following a few easy steps below.

  1. Open Instagram application
  2. Click menus Profile
  3. Continue selecting the menu Edit Profile
  4. Please click menu deactivate while my account
  5. Then please provide reason in the column provided
  6. Then you enter Instagram passwords you to verify
  7. Next, please click the button Temporarily Deactivate My Account on the existing menu
  8. Then click Yes to deactivate
  9. Then automatically your Instagram account will be deactivated
  10. Done

So there are some easy steps you need to know when you want to deactivate Instagram temporarily. This option can also be done on the web version of Instagram and also the desktop version with almost the same mechanism.

2. Disabling Via Additional Applications

The next option is via an additional application, now you can use an additional application to temporarily disable the Instagram application. Where there are many applications that support the disable feature for certain applications.

Well, one of the interesting applications is the Hiberator application. Where is the hierator application where this application will have a feature to deactivate the application. Compared to most other applications, maybe this application is the best with a fairly small size.

  1. Please download Hiberator Application on Playstore
  2. Open the app and give permission access Hiberator application
  3. On the main page please select the Instagram app which one to deactivate
  4. If you have found it, press sleep icon
  5. Then the application will automatically be disabled
  6. To return it, please press the run icon
  7. Done

Well, you can do the options below easily and quickly. If you want to reactivate the Instagram application, you can activate it in the above way and repeat. Apart from the hiberator application, you also have other application options that can be used.


To be able to temporarily disable IG on Android itself, there are several ways. The easiest option is to use the features from Instagram itself. Where Instagram itself already has a feature that can be used to disable temporarily.

Meanwhile, to reactivate it, you can repeat the method like when deactivating Instagram. So, this option can be applied to all Android phones. Also know “How to get rid of Glance on HP Realme” on the previous information.