20 Funny and Cute Hamster Photos That Can Make You Smile

As an animal lover, seeing photos of cute and funny hamsters can be one of the fun things to do. Some examples are the pictures in this article. His adorable behavior can be a very pleasant entertainment. If you don’t believe me, check this article now!

When you need entertainment, this collection of cute and cute hamster photos is the perfect solution for you. The photos of rodents in this article are guaranteed to make you feel exasperated and finally you feel entertained.

For some people who really like it, this close relative of the mouse always looks adorable. Starting from being a baby and can’t do anything, until when he has grown and starts running around.

Moreover, hamsters are known to have funny and unpredictable behavior. Not infrequently you feel excited and laugh about it.

In fact, in some active breeds, they will love to play with whatever items you prepare for them. Not only with toys, sometimes a cardboard is enough for him to play with.

Want to know more about cute hamster behavior? Come on, see a collection of cute and cute hamster photos below!

Cute Baby Hamster Photos

Hamsters do look really cute and adorable, even since they were just born. If you don’t believe me, just look at the baby hamster photos below!

1. Scramble to Drink Milk

Every newly born living creature needs milk from its mother in order to grow and develop. It’s no different with this rodent either.

But because hamsters usually give birth to many babies at once, the babies look like they are fighting for milk. Very funny! Duh, don’t fight one by one, please!

2. The funny thing!

When it’s a little bigger, just like this cute and cute hamster photo, the hair starts to grow. The color is no longer red.

In this phase, he will look cute. Just look at the cute photo above, it looks adorable, right?

3. Can’t See

At this stage, the hamster can not see clearly, you know! So usually, he still needs help from his mother to do many things.

Even so, this one rodent still looks cute and adorable. It feels like you want to keep a hamster, right?

4. Bobo First, yes!

Just like human babies, baby hamsters also spend more time sleeping. Just like this cute and cute hamster photo.

When you sleep like this, it feels like you want to rub his head. But do it slowly so he doesn’t wake up, okay?

5. There Are So Many!

This close relative of the mouse is known to be able to give birth to many babies in one pregnancy. In fact, there is one type that can give birth to 24 babies at one time. Wow, can you imagine what it would be like if 24 baby hamsters were gathered in one place.

Maybe it looks like this cute and cute hamster photo, huh? There are so many hamsters! Absolutely adorable.

Cute Hamster Photo Eating

No matter what type of hamster you have, he definitely needs to eat. Did you know that these rodents still look cute when they eat? Let’s check the photos of hamsters with their food below.

1. Today’s Diet Menu!

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you can understand this Angora hamster picture. With her adorable chubby body, she looks like she’s waiting for the time to eat the broccoli and corn in front of her.

But do you think he’s trying to eat the vegetables in front of him or is hoping for something other than broccoli and corn, do you? Ask for steak or sushi for example.

2. Fresh!

Do you like strawberries and other berries? If so, then you are just like this cute hamster photo.

Just look at his cute face when biting the strawberry. It feels like I want to buy a strawberry and eat it right away, don’t you think? Fresh!

3. Grains, It’s in the Lesson!

Usually, those of you who keep hamsters will provide food in the form of seeds for your pet. Besides being easy to get, seeds also contain high protein that is needed by hamsters.

Just like this one rodent, it looks very cute when it eats seeds. I think watching him eat is enough fun.

4. One Apple Every Day

In addition to seeds, fruit is also very good given as food for hamsters. Like the one in the picture of this one rodent.

Look at his face that looks satisfied while carrying this apple slice with his teeth. Maybe he wants to be healthy like the saying “eating an apple a day can keep you from the doctor.”

5. The Peanut, the Peanut!

Eat not eat original get together. You must have heard the phrase that comes from this Slank band song.

Just like this cute and cute hamster photo, they look so cute eating nuts together. Eh, but why are you back-to-back like that, anyway! I hope we don’t fight anymore, okay?

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Cute Hamster Photos in Cage

On social media, lots of people share photos of their cute and cute hamsters. They usually like to take pictures of their hamsters while they are active in their cages. Below, you can find pictures of adorable hamsters in their cages.

1. Hello!

For starters, there is a picture of a white hamster that looks relaxed in his house. Looks like you’re lazing around after waking up, huh?

Basically, these rodents do have to sleep in a dark place. So if you want to keep it, you have to prepare at least a box for it to sleep in. But when it’s morning, he should hurry up and wake up!

2. Hunger, here!

When you wake up, what do you usually do? Take a shower first or just go straight to the table for breakfast?

If the second choice, it means that you are the same as this white gembil. Just woke up immediately hungry and looking for food. Hey, don’t forget to take a shower, okay!

3. Thinking of the Future

The behavior of this close relative of the rat is indeed strange. In fact, they often move actively without getting tired.

So, if you can find this little guy looking like he is silently contemplating like this, it’s like getting a very rare moment. Guess what he’s confused about?

4. Welcome to My Crib!

The shape of the cage that you can use as a bed for your pet is not just an ordinary box, you know. If you are creative, you can use anything as a bed.

One of them can use coconut shells like the cute and cute hamster photo above. Just look at the black one relaxing in his coconut shell! Looks very comfortable and at home, huh?

5. Want to eat, please!

No matter how cute the cage you make for your pet hamster, don’t forget to feed it regularly, okay? Because after all, food is the most important thing that all living things need to be able to continue to grow and develop.

Don’t be like the little one in this photo. With a pitiful face, he looked like he was pushing his bowl like he was begging for food. What a pity!

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Hamster Photos Are Fun Playing

Apart from sleeping and eating, there is one more activity that hamsters always do in their life. The activity is play. If you want to see the excitement of playing hamsters, just check below, come on!

1. Cycling to be Healthy

You must have often heard the importance of exercise for your health. But you know what, if it turns out that exercise is also important for hamsters, you know! In fact, if you want to keep him, you have to set up an exercise wheel so he can keep running.

In addition to sports wheels, you can also prepare a bicycle like the one in this cute and cute hamster photo. Even though it’s not really wearable, it’s like seeing the biggest cute hamster that the world has ever seen, isn’t it?

2. Tea Party

When you were little, you must have played with cooking, right? Or pretend you’re having a tea party while eating a snack that isn’t actually edible.

If you don’t have a friend to play with, you can also invite this little golden one, you know. But if it goes into a teapot like this, then how do you drink it? There’s nothing!

3. Help Me!

The cute behavior was caught again which made him shake his head. Just look at the cute and cute hamster photos above! He looked like he was putting on a pitiful face to get help.

It’s just weird doing this. Maybe he thinks he’s a handsome, talented actor like Song Joong-Ki, huh?

4. Hide and seek

One of the most popular games is hide and seek. The reason is of course because this game will feel fun if played with your friends. Did you know that one of the hamster’s behaviors is almost the same as when we are playing hide and seek?

However, hamsters are known to be very good at hiding, you know. If you don’t find it quickly, you will lose your pet. Are you sure you want to play hide and seek with your hamster?

5. Want to fix the tile?

Hamsters can always use anything to be a toy. Even if you give him a piece of wood shaped like a ladder, your pet hamster will use it to play with.

Just like the little rodent in this photo. Just look at his very serious expression. Do you think he wants to fix the roof tiles or pick mangoes?

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Feeling Anxious Because of Cute and Cute Hamster Photos

After seeing the cute and cute hamster photos above, which one makes you feel the most excited? Could it be that you want to keep this one rodent?

If you want to take care of it, don’t forget to take good care of it, okay! So you can see his cuteness in person and play with him. So much fun, right?

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