20 Inspirational Storage Ideas Under The Stairs

For those of you who have a house with narrow rooms, adding household furniture such as cupboards, drawers or drawers will result in space at home is reduced. Especially if you have quite a lot of family members, a 2-story house sometimes feels still lacking. The solution, among others, is to use space or space as much as possible, including the area under the stairs. You can use this area for an interesting and unique storage area while at the same time functioning optimally for tidying up equipment or belongings of family members.

Do you have a terraced house and are often confused about how to use the space under the stairs? If the house is not too big, this free space can be a great idea to become a functional under-stairs wardrobe.

Another way to maximize the utility of a ladder is to have a set of pull-out drawers embedded in its landing platform. It’s not the most storage efficient option on the list but it’s probably the best choice if you want to maintain a minimalistic and sophisticated design but still take advantage of the available storage strategies.

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