21 Trends in Type 36 Minimalist House Plans in 2022

In Indonesia, the design of the house consists of various types. Meanwhile, the type 36 house with a minimalist residential concept is one of the most favored by many people because it is suitable for young families who need housing that is not too large. Thus, the cost of building a house is not too expensive.

For those of you who have plans to build a new type 36 minimalist house, Kania will share five examples of type 36 minimalist house designs that you can imitate. For more information, let’s look at the following minimalist type 36 house design inspiration!

Even though the size is small, it doesn’t mean that a minimalist type 36 home design can’t support all the needs of your small family. With a neat layout, this minimalist type 36 house design is equipped with complete facilities, ranging from a minimalist living room, dining area, kitchen, and two very comfortable bedrooms.

The most interesting thing, this minimalist type 36 house design is also equipped with a front garden and a minimalist back garden which is integrated into the kitchen area. In fact, there are additional designs carport minimalist on the front as a parking area for your vehicle.

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36 type house

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