22 Modern Beautiful Home Ceiling Design Inspirations

When imagining the ceiling of a house, the first thing that comes to mind is the white gypsum sheet above our heads. In fact, there are many materials, designs, and types of ceilings used in modern homes, such as high ceilings or high ceilings high ceiling which can be seen in the house. But before discussing more about the design of the ceiling of the house, let’s review a little about the ceiling of the house.

In short, the ceiling or ceiling of a house is an interior surface that is in direct contact with the top of a room. Not only serves to protect the house from leaks and facilitate air circulation, the ceiling is also commonly used to beautify the house.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if there are many minimalist ceiling designs and models that can make a house look more elegant and amazing. Ceiling materials or materials also vary, ranging from the most common ceiling material, namely gypsum to wood and cement mortar.

The shape of the ceiling also varies depending on the room, so of course the ceiling in the bedroom will be different from the ceiling in the living room or bathroom.

This is closely related to another function of the ceiling of the house, namely to reduce noise.


knowing the explanations and uses, let’s look at some of the latest minimalist home ceiling designs that can be used as inspiration.

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