3 Breastfeeding Preparations for Smooth Breast Milk Production, Pay Attention to Your Drinking Water Intake


Who doesn’t want their milk production to run smoothly during breastfeeding? When breast milk production is reduced, the immediate impact can be felt by the baby, you know.

According to Nutritionist and feeding therapist, Leona Victoria MND, Mother can tell if the baby has enough breast milk or not. The trick is to see the condition of the baby during or after breastfeeding.

Signs of a baby lacking breast milk

1. Baby’s cheeks look puffy when feeding

When breastfeeding your little one, you are advised to make contact with him. Apart from building bondingthe goal is to know whether he lacks breast milk or not.

“You can see it from the baby, for example, if he is breastfeeding, his cheeks are not full but it’s flat, so it’s like trying to suck,” said the woman who is familiarly called Ria in a Live Instagram ipadguides with Le MineraleWednesday (22/9/21).

2. Urine color

Also pay attention to the color of the urine from the diaper he is wearing, Mother. “Pee can also be dark yellow or thick, and the diaper is wet less than 3 times a day,” he continued.

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There are several causes of reduced milk production, Mother. One of them is the mental health condition of the mother while breastfeeding her baby.

Ria said that Mother can experience stress, anxiety, even baby blues after giving birth. In the end, this condition can interfere with the breastfeeding process.

For that, you shouldn’t be stressed and should always be happy while breastfeeding your child. Don’t forget to keep your diet so that breastfeeding is smooth.

“Breast milk is very full with nutrition, so it must be supplied from the mother’s diet,” said Ria.

Breast milk is not smooth can also be caused by the mother sick, lack of sleep or rest. During breastfeeding, you need to take time to rest, for example, go to sleep when the baby is asleep.

“You have to rest a lot. If the baby sleeps, we also sleep or ask for help from our husbands to do household chores. His mother also needs rest and must be happy,” said Ria.

In order for the breastfeeding process to run smoothly, you can make preparations, yes. Anything?

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