3 Business Recommendations in the Pandemic Era

3 Business Recommendations in the Pandemic Era

The pandemic has made everyone adapt by keeping a distance and living more hygienically. People’s consumption patterns have also changed drastically. Previously, any activities were carried out face-to-face offline, then switched to online transactions.

This situation can be a good opportunity to make business decisions, considering that the adaptation of this new habit is likely to continue indefinitely.

As a business actor or wanting to do business, you must be observant in reading business business opportunities in the pandemic era. So that you can make changes to your mindset in order to maintain the existing business and adapt to new habits.

There are many post-pandemic business opportunities that you can try, including:

3 Business Recommendations in the Pandemic Era

1. Urban Farming Business

The enactment of work from home (WFH) rules makes people have to rack their brains when it comes to implementing food security independently (food self-sufficiency).

So that gardening activities such as maintaining hydroponic plants, catfish farming, and urban farming are now increasingly popular. For this reason, now is the right opportunity for seed providers, instructors or livestock and agriculture consultants so that they can earn more profit by pursuing a business related to urban farming education for urban communities.

2. Homemade Clothing Business

The pandemic has brought many well-known brands such as Neiman Marcuss, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex out of business. On the other hand, the demand for home-made clothes has increased due to increased activities at home (work from home) during the pandemic. This is an opportunity for manufacturers and distributors of casual wear, home wear and nightwear such as pajamas, negligee, shorts and so on to attract customers.

For example, Mouza Indonesia’s fashion business is experiencing an increase in demand for robes and negligee. Previously, Mouza only produced Muslim clothing such as robes, but in order to survive this pandemic, Mouza tried to produce negligee and the results were quite satisfactory.

3. Herbal Business

COVID-19 continues until now, making people increasingly aware of a healthy lifestyle. The consumption of herbal supplements that are believed to be able to maintain health and immunity also increases, especially natural supplements that are relatively affordable. This is a good business opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and resellers and retailers of natural supplements to increase their business turnover. Herbilogy is one example of a pioneer in natural supplement manufacturers who are experiencing an increase in demand during the corona pandemic.

After reading the business opportunities in this pandemic era, does your business have the potential to be developed or are you interested in seizing the opportunities above? If so, there’s nothing wrong with trying to expand your business into these areas.

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