3 Cheap Hotels in the Menteng Area that Can Be Your Choice to Stay During Lebaran Homecoming

3 Cheap Hotels in the Menteng Area that Can Be Your Choice to Stay During Lebaran Homecoming

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Homecoming is one of the things that many people often do when the Eid season has arrived. Meeting miss with family in the village is one of the reasons many people go home during Eid. Long journeys are very tiring when going home, of course, you often feel. Therefore, you definitely need a place to stay to rest for a while. Because if you force to continue going home in a very tiring state, later it will be feared that unwanted things will happen.

Well, in this article, I will discuss 3 Cheap Hotels in the Menteng Area that Can Be Your Choice to Stay During Lebaran Homecoming. In addition to the relatively cheap price, the facilities in the hotel are also quite complete. Here are the three cheap hotels!

1. Nick’s Corner Hotel

The first cheap hotel that you can choose to stay at is Nick’s Corner Hotel. Nick’s Corner Hotel is located at Jalan Attorney Number 16, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Attorney Street, Central Jakarta. The price offered by Nick’s Corner Hotel is also quite cheap and affordable. Just pay Rp.125,000, – you can spend the night at the hotel.

Even with this very affordable price, you can get a lot of very special hotel facilities. These include a large vehicle parking area, hotel rooms equipped with air conditioning and free wifi, to bathrooms equipped with showers. Near this hotel there is also a Padang restaurant.

For those of you who like Padang cuisine, you can come to the Padang restaurant near Nick’s Hotel Corner. The distance is only about 1 kilometer from the hotel and can be reached on foot.

2. Asri Hotel

The next cheap hotel that you can choose to stay is Asri Hotel. Asri Hotel is located on Jalan Kebon Sirih Barat 1 Gg 10 Number 18 Menteng, Central Jakarta. The rate offered per night is also quite affordable, which is around IDR 160,000 per night. It is somewhat more expensive than Nick’s Corner Hotel.

However, it is in accordance with the hotel facilities provided. You don’t have to worry about starving when you’re at Asri Hotel. Because the hotel has provided a room to eat for visitors who come.

3. Nina House

Nina House is located on Jalan Kebon Sirih Barat Gg IX Number 17, Menteng, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta. Just like hotels in general, Nina House is also equipped with very special hotel facilities. Free wifi, air conditioning, bathroom equipped with a shower, and also a very soft bed. To be able to stay at Nina House, you are required to pay Rp. 198.000,- per night.

You also don’t need to be afraid for your safety while in the hotel. Because the security guard at Nina House is very tight. No one should arbitrarily enter the hotel. This is done by the hotel manager to minimize the crime rate in the hotel. So, you can rest in peace at this hotel. The very soft bed will also make you feel at home while in the hotel.

Those are 3 cheap hotels in the Menntang area that you can choose to stay while going home for Eid. So, if you feel tired and can’t afford to go back and forth, try to find a place to stay. Because health and safety must always be prioritized.. Hopefully Helpful!

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