3 Money Loan Applications for Students

3 Money Loan Applications for Students

Money loan applications for students today are often present as a solution to the deadlock to solve the problem as soon as possible. Ever found a tweet sent from one of the menfess accounts of a PTN which said that middle class students were the group that was the most confused when paying UKT.

It can’t be helped, I want to make a connection but the fees set are not as high as the upper class but it’s easy to pay them off. This makes the application of money loans for students as one solution.

What Should Students Pay Attention to when Using a Money Loan Application?

Loans of funds are sought after by people who are looking for fast capital with terms and procedures that are not too complicated. In the world of lectures, the urgent need to pay UKT on time or the high cost of living overseas are often used as reasons for students to take shortcuts using money loan applications.

Money, without a doubt, has become the axis of the world’s needs. As an institution authorized to oversee the running of the financial technology industry, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) constantly reminds the public to always check the official status of the loan service provider, including students.

With the level of awareness of data security in the modern era, students at least know a few things to watch out for considering that this is a financial services platform.

Officially Registered Loan Application at OJK

Students must find out information related to loan services that will be used. There are four ways that can be done to check the officialness of a loan application, one of which is by opening the OJK page, or sending a Whatsapp message with the official number 081-157-157-157.

Habit of doing assignments from lecturers; create papers, prepare for exams, or use search engines; Surely it’s not difficult, isn’t it just to explore the legality of loan companies for your own safety and interests?

Check App Access Permissions

Don’t rush to press ‘allow’ when using the app. Students need to double-check what access has been allowed to the loan provider platform. Different platforms define their app access permissions differently.

For information for students, according to the code of ethics of the Indonesian FinTech association, a loan provider application may not even access user contact data. Just like when you’re in a relationship, it’s like you’re setting up a boundaries, what can and what can’t.

How wise iqra’ first.

Download from Authorized Sources and Take Advantage of Security Features

Every application must be officially registered with the OJK, they are also required to ensure the safety of their customers. There are many kinds of security features that can be offered by applications such as account blocking and verification.

The selection of download sources is also important to ensure that students’ personal data is protected from malware or adware. Students can ensure app downloads only from official sources such as Play Store (for Android devices) and App Store (for iOS devices).

List of Money Loan Applications for Students

After knowing some tips regarding the use and security of loan funds, here is a collection of a list of money lending platforms that can be used as a reference by students.

DANAdidik Review Review

The loan mechanism carried out by DANAdidik is to provide funding and sponsorship to students as a return on their investment. Unlike other funding applications, DANAdidik works like a third party that connects students with sponsors.

Regarding legality, DANAdidik has also been officially included in the list of money lending companies at the OJK. By using this application, students will have a loan tenor of 30 months after graduation. This can be a big advantage for students so they are not too burdened with financial demands.

Student Installment

The fast application process, various attractive vouchers, and the nominal down payment that we can customize ourselves, are some of the advantages offered by Cicil. This money loan application service has also been incorporated in the Indonesian FinTech Company Association (APFI) which certainly has credibility from the OJK.

Students can also choose various convenient payment methods such as the nearest outlets and supermarkets.

Financial Services Authority

This loan company is much sought after by students, both at the undergraduate, vocational, and postgraduate levels. DanaCita also provides a choice of various installment payment durations, ranging from 6 to 24 months.

DanaCita has also collaborated with several course institutions to provide facilities for students related to education and skill development.

Thus a review of the application of money loans for students. In the midst of modernization and liberalization of education, I hope this information can be useful for students.

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