3 Preferred Marketplace / Microstock Websites for Selling Icons

RahmanCyber.NET | Microstock – It’s true that during this pandemic period, suddenly people are looking for digital income… hehe, maybe you who originally had plans but didn’t start, during a pandemic like this, you are moved…

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But a lot Microstock with various variants of digital products, sometimes it makes us so arrogant.. hehe

I really want to try everything.. but sometimes it makes us not even focus.

Sometimes it’s even stuck due to the many choices… already registered here and there eh, it doesn’t work.

Now for those of you who have an interest in the world of graphic design, and want to try their luck in selling digital products, and want to concentrate on icon design, it turns out that icons can also make coffers of money.

Want To Know How? Yes, just sell it on Microstock.! Microstock, which specializes in selling icons, isn’t instant, but how many people have entered the world of iconography and reap the rewards..

If you need a reference about what the icon looks like, you can read our discussion about what is iconif you have, please develop it, read directly to the microstock.. learn the existing designs.

1. Flaticon

flaticon place icon



is a website that was founded in 2013 and is now a part of Freepik Company. For other detailed info, I don’t know for sure, what is clear is that I got the info from the Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/flaticon directly and when I clicked the about button, I was immediately directed to the freepik company.

In this Flaticon you can selling icons by becoming a contributor.

Oh yes, so in Flaticon, the model is that you can download it per pack with the same unit, so for example you make 1 set of icons… for example it contains 59 icons, then it can be downloaded in full in the form of an icon pack (usually you have to register). You don’t have to have units, the model is almost the same as Freepik. So you can download premium and free (attribute required)



iconfinder download icon


Iconfinder is a company from Denmark headquartered in Copenhagen. The company was founded in 2007 by Martin LeBlanc Eigtved.

So, this is where the PNG and SVG icons can be downloaded for free and for a fee.

This icon finder opens up opportunities for designers to sell their icon works, by just joining “Become a contributor” to upload the icon file, just put it in a zip pack / .zip then upload it to the website

Icon finder also provides handbooks for contributors, https://www.iconfinder.com/contributors-handbook/

Well there you can also learn to produce quality icons… So are you ready to become a Contributor?

3. TheNounProject

Thenounproject Icon market


The Noun Project is a website that collects and catalogs symbols created and uploaded by graphic designers around the world. Based in Los Angeles


you can become a contributor / creator of symbols / icons for sale at thenounproject https://thenounproject.com/creators/

But now I see that TheNounProject does not only sell icons, but also photos..

but the icons sold here are only black and white.

Those are some Marketplaces / Microstocks that concentrate on selling logos, you can take advantage of that, I suggest focusing on one first, so you can better understand the existing market.

Actually, there are still a lot of microstocks for selling icons, we can even sell them on the Envato section of the website… but if you want to focus on it… those three are pretty good to start with, if you’re a bit advanced… just expand your marketing reach.

Hopefully this article is useful

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