3 Ways to Adjust Windows 11 Laptop Screen Brightness

How to Adjust Laptop Screen

Staring at a laptop screen for a long time can harm eye health. To prevent this, we recommend adjusting the brightness of the laptop screen. Now to find out how, please refer to the tutorial on how to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen below.

All laptops with Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems are equipped with a feature to adjust the screen brightness level. With this feature, we can increase or decrease the screen brightness, according to convenience.

The higher the brightness of the laptop screen, it will make the eyes tired quickly. That’s why we have to set it according to eye comfort. Especially if operating the laptop for a long time.

For those who are used to using Windows laptops, we are sure that they already know how to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen. But for those who are not used to it, it might be a little confusing. Even though the method is very easy, you can listen to it in the tutorial projectino.com below this.

Tutorial on how to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen

How to Adjust Laptop Screen

1. Set Laptop Brightness Through Quick Settings

The first way is through the Quick Settings feature. This feature is available on the Windows 11 Taskbar so it’s easy to access with one click. Quick Settings itself is useful for making it easier for Windows laptop users to access several important settings, such as Wi-Fi, Volume, Battery, and Screen Brightness.

The easiest way to access Quick Settings is by clicking on the icon on the Taskbar. In addition, Quick Settings can also be opened by pressing a button WIN + A. After opening, the screen brightness setting will appear. Please swipe right to brighten, and left to dim.

2. Adjust Brightness Through Settings

The second way is to adjust the screen brightness through the Settings menu or Windows 11 Settings. The method is quite easy, but it will feel more complicated because you have to enter the Settings menu first. Now, to find out the steps, please refer to the following.

  1. First, please open the menu Settings. To open it, you can go through the search field by writing Settings or by right-clicking the Start button, then selecting Settings
  2. Then select the menu DisplaysHow to Adjust Laptop Screen Brightness
  3. After that it remains only to arrange the sections brightness to adjust the screen brightness.

3. Laptop brightness setting with keyboard

Apart from using the features in Windows, you can also adjust the screen brightness via the Shortcut button on the Keyboard. This method can be an option for those who want to adjust the brightness quickly and easily.

All laptops must be equipped with these buttons. The position can be different, but you can be sure that it is at the top. For example, for Acer laptops, the F7 and F8 keys are made together.

How to Adjust Laptop Brightness

To make sure the button is used to adjust the brightness, you can see the image on the button. Usually a picture of a light.

Now in order to adjust the screen brightness, you have to press the FN key together with the brightness adjustment button. For example, FN+F7 or FN+F8.


So, those are various ways to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen. You could say it’s very easy. You just have to choose the method you want, whether via Quick Settings, Settings, or via the buttons on the keyboard.

By following the tutorial above, you don’t need to install third-party applications to easily and quickly adjust the brightness of your laptop. Please try it yourself and don’t forget to read the previous article about How to Download Snack Video Without a Watermark and various other articles.