3 Ways to Buy Cheap Cooking Oil on TikTok, Capital Scrolling Bun


Until now, cooking oil is still a rare prima donna in the community, yes, Mother. Although the government has made efforts to provide stock so that needs are still met, they are still public goods because they are difficult to find.

If you rely on the old way of coming and visiting one place to another, this is quite tiring. For that, we need another way that is considered a solution, namely relying on TikTok technology.

Now TikTok is busy with its TikTok Shop, Mother. There, there are many brands, SMEs, celebgrams, and even artists who sell various products on TikTok Shop at low prices such ase-commerce in general.

Then how to buy cooking oil? Read more here, come on

1. Watch Live on TikTok

First, what needs to be done to get cheap cooking oil at the TikTok Shop is to diligently watch live on TikTok. Usually there are many online shops that sell it while it is live.

Just open FYP or For Your Page, that’s where you will find a row of accounts that are currently conducting a Live TikTok session. Then, you can look for cooking oil in the shopping cart located at the bottom left.

If the online shop provides it, it must be in the shopping cart. When you have found it and the stock is available, you can immediately check it out before it runs out, Mother.

2. Search Through Search & Follow Accounts That Sell Cheap Oil

An easy way other than scrolling live TikTok is to search for and follow online shop accounts that sell cheap cooking oil.

In the search, you can enter the keyword “cheap cooking oil”. Later there will be many accounts that turn out to be selling cooking oil. After finding the list, you can open your profile and start “following” to always keep up with the latest updates.

When stock is available, you can also directly buy cheap cooking oil on your account profile. But more of them are selling it during live TikTok sessions.

In some online shops, the bio will provide information on when they will have a live session. Well, you can record the live schedule so you don’t miss buying cooking oil, okay?

3. Flash Sale

The last trick is to pay attention to flash sales. Due to limited stock, usually many online shops sell cheap cooking oil by means of flash sales that are held quickly.

There will be info during the live when the flash sale will open, once it’s opened, you have to hurry to buy it and place an order, OK?

Those are three ways you can get cheap cooking oil on TikTok. How are you interested? Hopefully this information can be useful, Mom. Happy cooking oil hunting!


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[Gambas:Video Haibunda]



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