3 Ways to Check Mobile Numbers Registered at Bank Bri

how to check the cellphone number registered with the bri bank

How to check the cellphone number registered with the bri bank easily and quickly so you know which number to use for activation. If you often forget which number you used to register at BRI bank, then how to check the registered cellphone number at BRI bank can help you.

If you change your cellphone number often, don’t forget to change the cellphone number registered with your bank. Because this is intended for activation and confirmation of ownership of the account number at the bank.

Because this is very important, then you must be able to confirm for yourself which cellphone number at the BRI bank you are using. The following work tips will review how to easily check the cellphone number at a BRI ATM.

How to Check the Registered Mobile Number at BRI Bank

There are 3 ways you can do it. The first is through an atm, the second is through mobile banking and the last is through a BNI bank branch office. We will discuss how one by one and also how to change the cellphone number registered with the BRI bank if you are not using that number.

How to check the cellphone number at the ATM bri

The first is the easiest way. Maybe you didn’t activate mobile banking or internet banking. So you can use a BRI ATM machine to find out the cellphone number at this BRI bank. The method is:

  • Visit the nearest BRI ATM. Make sure not to use the “ATM Link” logo or use other bank ATMs.
  • Insert your BRI ATM card and enter the pin.
  • Select Indonesian, then select “Other Transactions”
  • Press the option “E-banking registration” > “Mobile Banking”
  • Click “Continue” to navigate to the process.
  • Then a registered cellphone number will appear at the BRI ATM

How to find out your mobile number has been registered with SMS Banking Bri via Mobile Banking

Second, if you already have mobile banking, you can directly check through the application that has been provided. The method is:

  • Open the BRI Mobile Banking application
  • Enter your UserID and MPIN. Then click “Login”
  • On the initial display or home. Go to the “Settings” or “Settings” section
  • At the top of the display, the owner’s name and number registered with BRI will appear.

3. How to Check Registered Mobile Number Through BRI Bank Customers Service

Now for the next method, you can visit the BRI bank branch office to find out the registered number or the number you are using. If you don’t have more time, you can also call CS Bank BRI.

Try to note down the account number you have first. The following is the BRI Contact Center at 14017/1500017 or you can send an email to callbri@bri.co.id with the subject Asking for your cellphone number at BRI bank and input your account number as well.


the registered cellphone number is different, then you must immediately replace it with a new one or the one you are using now. The method is below.

4. How to Change the Mobile Number Registered at Bank Bri

If the number you use is different from the one registered with BRI bank. So the way to replace it is in 2 ways, namely through BRI bank CS and visits to branch offices.

The Cs numbers are still the same, namely the BRI call center at 14017 or 021-1500-017 or 021-57987400. Make sure to have phone credit and set up an account number. The second way is by visiting a BRI branch office and asking to change the registered number.

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That was some information about how to easily and quickly check a registered cellphone number at bank bri. With the method above, you no longer need to queue at the BRI branch office and can know what your number is at the BRI bank.


you for reading our article on how to check the registered cellphone number at the BRI bank, easy and fast. Hopefully it can be useful and good luck trying it.

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