3 Ways to Get Rid of Comments on Other People’s IG Live

How to Get Rid of Comments on Other People's IG Live

How to get rid of comments on other people’s IG Live, maybe this question is currently the biggest among Instagram users. Watching other users live on IG is indeed a habit for IG users in general.

Those of you who often use Instagram, of course, often encounter live accounts that you follow. Unfortunately, with the comments column, our view of watching live is disturbed because of these comments.

The comments menu is even more annoying when the comments are already using icons or emoticons. To overcome this, you can remove the comment column from the Instagram user while live.

The comments column is visually quite disturbing, especially for those of us who enjoy this content. Instagram itself does not actually provide a feature to remove these comments by the audience.

The feature to remove the comment column only exists with the Live video maker. Even so, viewers can actually remove IG live comments in several ways that can be used for this.

How to Get Rid of Comments on Other People's IG LiveSuch that Projectino.com say that Instagram itself has not prepared this feature directly. So you need to use several alternative methods, because there is no such feature.

As well as How to Unmute Other People’s Instagram Posts, you can apply some easy ways. Well, this time there are several ways that you should try regarding the easiest way to get rid of comments on other people’s IG Live.

1. Via Google Chrome

How to Disable Comments on Live InstagramWell, the first easiest way is to use Google Chrome. This option was taken because there are no built-in features that support being able to delete comments on live Instagram.

You Google Chrome users on Instagram can immediately use this option. As for the method itself, you can follow some of the easy steps that Projektino has prepared below.

  1. Open Google Chrome application.
  2. Please Search extension Chrome IG Stories.
  3. Add it to the extension by clicking add to chrome
  4. Continue by clicking add Extension.
  5. Go to the site’s Instagram website page.
  6. Please login if you haven’t already.
  7. Then enter the live IG account you want.
  8. Then a menu of options will appear “Hide Comments” to the right of live.
  9. Then the comment will automatically disappear
  10. Done

Well, this option is quite interesting but easier if applied to PC devices and the like. Extension features on Google Chrome will be more effective and easier if applied to desktop devices, although it’s also possible on Android.

2. Use the Story Saver Application

Removing Comments on Other People's IG LiveSince there is no built-in feature that allows you to remove comments while live, you can trick them using the application. There are many applications that you can choose from, one of which is the Story Saver application.

This application has many interesting features about Instagram, such as saving videos, pictures and more. But one of them is to watch IG live without any comments, the application itself is very easy.

  1. Download first story saver app
  2. After that open the app and give app permission access
  3. Please log in using an Instagram account
  4. Find the live you want to watch
  5. There will be a feature to hide comments

Using an application can be a very interesting option, especially if you want to watch live without any comments. Like live games, football, games and more, this application is a very interesting choice.

3. Use the OGInsta+ App

PROJECTINOThe next option also uses an additional application, namely the OGInsta plus application. This special application for enjoying IG content can be downloaded for free on the PlayStore. This application has many excellent features, one of which displays live IG without comment.

So, you only need to install this application, then enter and log in to your IG account. The method itself is almost the same as the first way to remove live IG comments.

  1. Download first OGInsta+
  2. After that open the app and give app permission access
  3. Please log in using an Instagram account
  4. Find the live you want to watch
  5. tap part of the screen to hide the comment

You can do this option if you have done or logged in to the Instagram application first. The method is almost the same as the first method, it’s just that you only need to tap the screen to remove the comment column.


So, there are several ways that you can apply to be able to watch Live IG without comments appearing. How to remove comments on the latest version of Live IG above, you can apply to all Andorid cellphones without exception.

Please from the three methods above, you can choose which method you will apply. All methods have their own convenience, so please adjust to your liking. See also reviews about How to Turn Off Vivo USB Storage on the previous review from projektino.