3 Ways to Increase Business Turnover That You Can Do Immediately

In general, there are three ways to increase company turnover, including:

1. Increase Price

Everyone knows this. One way to increase turnover is to increase the price of the product or service you offer because this is a classic way to do it,

2. Increase the Frequency of Visits

In addition to increasing the price of your product, you can also use ways to increase the frequency of visits. The question is how to get your customers to come to your store or place more often than usual?

The simple analogy goes like this. Suppose you have a repair shop business, you can offer your customers to come back next month for a free tune up, free monthly oil change, free filter change, or whatever. The point is to find ways to get your customers to come back to your store more often. Because we all know, when customers come back to your shop, they will definitely buy something again.

In addition, there are other ways to increase the frequency of your customer visits, namely by increasing the frequency with which customers call your store or office. Have them call your store next month or three months and ask,

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“Eh..By the way, does your shop have any new products?”,

“Does your shop have a special promo?”

“You have this item or this?”

Therefore, the way you can do is keep in touch with customers through email marketing where the goal is for customers to remember you.

It’s your way of offering extra to your customers so that the income for your business increases.

3. Increase Transaction Volume


your customer usually only buys two units, you can offer to buy three units at a discount. One other way is for you to make a bundling. You can make bundling in such a way that it indirectly directs your customers to buy in the package products that have high profit margins for you. For example, you make a bundling between fast moving items and slow moving items.


those are 3 ways to increase your business revenue or turnover. What do you think? Is there anything else you got through the article above? You can share your opinion with Mebiso.com in the column below.

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