3 Ways to Overcome Indosat Credit Sucked in 2021

Indosat Ooredoo is a telecommunications company under the auspices of PT.Indosat Tbk. whose former name was Indosat.

Indosat is one of many giant companies providing cellular telecommunications services and services in Indonesia.

Ooredoo itself is a trade name of a mobile telecommunications company in the State of Qatar, it is the sole provider of communication services in Qatar.

After acquiring 65% of Indosat’s shares, they then changed Indosat to Indosat Ooredoo.

1. Freedom Family Package; which consists of the Freedom Quota Daily package, the Freedom Internet package, and the Freedom Combo package.

2. Packages of Apps, social media, and others; with the following services:

a. Apps quota; a package that provides special focus and quota for surfing the internet according to the required application.

b. Package Apps at home only; special packages with a focus on applications that are used while at home, for example applications for online meetings.

c. Yellow Package; special data packages with very economical prices and quotas.

3. Call & SMS;

a. Chat Packages; A package provided to get to all operators, for 24 hours using an IM3 Ooredoo card.

b. Call and SMS Packages; special package for those who need a lot of call and sms quota.


Android phone users of various brands, of course you need credit to ensure smooth communication through your smartphone. Credit has now become a basic need, which has become a routine monthly expense for everyone to make calls, SMS, social media, and other entertainment via the internet.

But sometimes, the credit that you just bought is suddenly cut off and lost for no reason, especially for Indosat users. If you have used this provider for a long time, you can be sure that you have felt the loss of credit secretly. This often raises the question for many Indosat users, Why does Indosat’s credit continue to suck?


does Indosat’s credit continue to suck?

Incidents like this often happen to Indosat SIM card users. If you are experiencing this at this time and are not looking for a solution, then it will cost you a lot and will spend a lot of money just to buy credit. This case very much caused Indosat customers to turn to other cards.


are several possible reasons why Indosat credit continues to suck. One of them is that you have accidentally subscribed to certain services from Indosat, without you knowing it. This usually starts with an SMS advertising a certain service, which you have unknowingly registered for. All of these services apply a pay later system when you have credit, and it will be deducted automatically.

So that Indosat Credit is not siphoned off

1. Stop Various Active Services Via SMS

This is the first and the easiest way for you to do, namely by stopping all active services that you don’t know via SMS.

This method is the best and most effective way, so it is often used as a way to stop truncated pulses automatically.


is the complete method, namely:

1) open the Message box on your phone;

2) open the menu for creating a new message;

3) Type Stop in the message box;

4) send the message to 726;

5) You will receive a reply message stating that the services you are following have been completely discontinued.

2. Stop Various Active Services Through UMB

Follow the steps below, namely:

1) Enter the Phone call menu;

2) Type *726# then press Call; you will see 2 options, namely 1) STATUS, and 2) STOP, select no.2 which says STOP.

1) Status; serves to allow you to check what services are causing your credit to be automatically deducted.

2) Stops; serves to stop all services registered to your number.

4). press Send.

3. Stop Various Active Services Through UNREG

One way to stop Indosat services from sucking your credit directly and automatically is to do Unreg SMS.

Unreg SMS is a method that is generally used to unsubscribe from certain services, and unsubscribe from the services you are currently following.

How to send SMS Unreg is also very easy and you can do it via SMS and telephone. If you use it via SMS, you can simply open the Sms menu, then type UNREG#No Hp# and send it to 4444.


this quick and detailed guide:

1) open the Call menu

2) Type *123*4444#

3) Click the Call button

4) There will be a display of your request as a user, namely a menu for registration or card list, a menu for checking status, a menu for checking NIK, and a menu for deleting registration data.

5) Select number 4 then click Ok

1. You will get a confirmation request, just press the number 1

2. When finished, you will get a reply SMS message from Indosat regarding your request.