3 Ways to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on OPPO Mobile

How to restore permanently deleted photos on OPPO cellphones correctly? Maybe this question often arises for those of us who accidentally delete photos on the OPPO HP gallery.

Where when we find out that an OPPO cellphone has lost an important photo because it was accidentally deleted, it might make us panic. Actually there are some easy steps you can take to be able to restore accidentally deleted photos.

Photos that are accidentally deleted on Oppo cellphones and other cellphones can actually be easily restored. Using a cloud system connected to your cellphone, you should be able to restore deleted photos.

To be able to restore deleted photos on an Oppo cellphone, one of the conditions is that your cellphone must be connected to the internet. By recovering using the cloud system, we can better use how to restore deleted photos.

Deleted photos on Android phones are actually photos that haven’t been completely deleted. So users can still restore it with a few easy steps that can be done. As is the case with Restore Deleted Videos overall.

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on OPPO MobileIn order to be able to restore deleted videos entirely, Android phone users can do a few easy steps. Just by accessing Google photos or the Vivo gallery, it’s actually enough to overcome this.

Well, you HP Oppo users can access it in a direct, fast way. As long as you haven’t cleared the previous cache, deleted photos can be restored. The following Projectino I will share tips on how to restore permanently deleted photos on the correct OPPO cellphone.

1. Via the Oppo Gallery

Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on OPPO PhonesActually, Oppo users can restore deleted photos in the default HP Oppo gallery application. Where this one method can be applied easily and quickly by only accessing the gallery menu.

Oppo users with colorOS 3.2 and above can access this easy method. You can follow the easy steps below to be able to access the same menu easily and quickly.

  1. First open photo gallery on Oppo HP.
  2. Then select the menu Album.
  3. Please scroll down and click options Recently Deleted.
  4. Next select videos or photos which you will return.
  5. Click menus healing.
  6. Then you will automatically get the photo or video file back.
  7. Done.

Well, isn’t it really easy to be able to restore deleted photos on an Oppo cellphone. Where this method can also be applied to all oppo cellphones with new and old Color OS, you can use this method.

2. Use Google Photos

How to Restore Deleted Photos on HP Vivo

The second way is to use Google Photos. Where you can use this option. If you can’t do the first option yourself, then this second method is an option.

Where you can use the Google Photos application to restore deleted photos. Photos that are deleted in the gallery will usually still be stored in Google Photos, provided that the trash folder has not been cleaned.

  1. Open the Google Photos app on HP Vivo
  2. Choose gallery in the lower right corner
  3. Next select the icon trash with the Trash / Trash icon
  4. Then many deleted photos will appear in the photo
  5. Please select photo which will be restored
  6. If you have found it then tap the photo and hold it and also select it healing
  7. Done

You can use Google Photos to be able to recover deleted photos on purpose or not. Where this option can be done if the user has installed and logged in the Google Photos application. Google Photos itself is a cloud from Google that contains photos and videos.

3. Use the Data Recovery Application

PROJECTINOThe next step is to use a data recovery application, where this application has the main feature to recover all files that were accidentally deleted. You HP oppo users can use additional applications.

One additional application that has features for data recovery is the Android Data Recovery application. Where you can install this application for free for later use if a photo is accidentally deleted on Android.

  1. Please download Data Recovery Application on Playstore
  2. Open the app and grant access permission
  3. Next, click the restore photo/video menu
  4. Wait until some deleted photos or videos appear
  5. Then click the photo or video that you want to restore
  6. Click Restore
  7. Wait Until the process is complete

Then the photo has been successfully returned to the gallery on your cellphone gallery. This option is an easy option which of course can be applied to your cellphone. Where this application is very helpful to be able to restore deleted photos and videos.


So that’s a few easy steps for How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on an OPPO cellphone that you can choose from. Which of the 3 ways you can use which method is the easiest to apply.

So, don’t panic when photos are deleted on an Oppo cellphone. You can still restore or restore easily using the existing methods. See also information about How to Screenshot Realme C35 on the previous review from projektino.