3 Ways to Save Right According to Investors

3 Ways to Save Right According to Investors

Hello fellow entrepreneurs, great greetings. Our topic this time is about three ways to save the right way. Alright, so when it comes to saving, the government often promoted on TVRI’s television program at that time the words that often came out were “Let’s save”. Actually saving is a positive thing, but most Indonesians when talking about saving can have a lot of connotations.

But here we provide tips from some investors who have proven that they save in the right way. So the word saving is very important because like the words of Robert Kiyosaki, he always says about one sentence.

If you want to be rich, it’s not how much money you make, but the most important thing is how much money you save” – Robert Kiyosaki. So, these words save the most important and most important.

Well here are at least three ways to save the right way. There are three places where the most appropriate instrument for you to save properly and this is suggested by Robert Kiyosaki.

1. Securities

the right way to save

So now Indonesia since post tax amnesty and after Indonesia became a more developed country, currently Indonesia is still a developing country and wants to become a developed country. Stocks are a pretty good instrument. But here you are taught to save stocks, not play stocks.

So if you listen to the connotation of the word stock, you will think that this is synonymous with gambling, that’s the word in Indonesia like that. But that’s actually inaccurate information, even though these stocks or securities have become a proven and extraordinary portfolio in developed countries.

We look at developed countries, many people who have a successful mentality think how money works for you, meaning money makes money. Well the next money making money again is that money you save but make money. So here we will discuss about securities / shares.

In Indonesia today there is OJK (Financial Services Authority), so make sure if you buy a stock instrument, make sure that it is registered with OJK. So if it’s official, usually banking, we think you can have a business, with shares it’s the same as owning a company but with the value of your abilities.

And make sure that your saving is consistent, not so long and inconsistent because everything must be done consistently. So it’s not saving in the bank, yes, but saving in stocks, it’s okay to save in the bank but if the amount is small, the interest will not be felt. However, if you have a large amount of money, that’s fine. But what Robert Kiyosaki advises is to save in stocks.

2. Properties

3 Ways to Save Right According to Investors

Well, property can be in the form of shop houses, apartments, land for rent, houses for rent, and others, that is money that makes money. Property is not an open secret since ancient times until now, many people are rich from property and it is true because the value of the property will increase steadily and never shrink. So if you have funds, you can start in installments, that’s the right way to save.

3. Precious Metals

3 Ways to Save Right According to Investors

The precious metal can be in the form of gold, and so on. It’s also good enough value to save and be one of the recommended places. Remember that everything you do not have to buy in bulk, it is wrong. Sometimes often if you have an income like we quote the words of Warren Buffet. “Do not save what is left after spending, but speed what is left after saving

What do those words mean? The point is that in Indonesian it is “save first before shopping, don’t shop first then save”. Because most Indonesians, when they receive money, they immediately spend all of it for this and finally it runs out, there is nothing left to save at all. Even though it should be before spending it, number one is making sure to save first. If you can save and it becomes a habit and others will only be used up later for daily needs. But first make sure the number one that should not be shaken if you are already saving.

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, the most important thing is to be consistent. So if you can save more, it’s better. But if you can’t save big, that small and big are relative, what percentage do you want to save, for example 5 or 10 percent, the most important thing is consistency.

Learn to save from now on, so you will surely become a billionaire one day.

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