3 ways to take screenshots on the Oppo A37 cellphone without buttons & length

Oppo A37 is a cellphone released by Oppo which has been around for a long time. But until now there are still many who use this cellphone for various social media needs and entertainment content.

The various advantages that exist in the Oppo A37 make this one cellphone survive even though there are many new cellphones. Even the Oppo A37 can still be an attractive choice for used cellphones this year.

Even though the price is quite cheap for a second unit, there are still quite a lot of Oppo A37 users. There are many Oppo A37 users who use this cellphone to enjoy various multimedia content.

With a sleek design and a nice uni body, it still survives. So, you oppo A37 users, of course, must know about how to take a screenshot of the correct Oppo A37 cellphone with several modes.

As well as How to Remove Ads on Oppo HP that suddenly appears you can choose several options to take a screenshot. Starting from screenshots with key combinations to other custom modes.

How to take a screenshot on the Oppo A37 cellphoneThere are several options for taking screenshots or screenshots on Oppo A37. One way is to use the combination button. Where this method is a classic way to take screenshots with a key combination.

Well, apart from the combination button, there are also other ways to take screenshots on the Oppo A37. The following are several ways to be able to take screenshots of the Oppo A37 that you must know.

1. Key Combinations

How to take screenshots on the Oppo A37 cellphone without buttonsThe classic way to take a screenshot or screenshot is to use a key combination. So, you can use this key combination to be able to take screenshots on all Android phones, including the Oppo A37.

To take screenshots using a key combination, users don’t need to activate any features. Where you can already take screenshots because you can immediately combine them.

  • Press the Power + Volume Plus Button together for a few seconds

Then the cellphone will automatically take a screenshot by itself. Where the screenshot will be automatically saved in the gallery menu on your oppo cellphone.

2. Oppo A37 Long Screenshot

Oppo a12 Long Screenshots

Not wanting to be outdone by the latest cellphones, the Oppo A37 also has the ability to take long screenshots. Well, you can use this method to take long screenshots on the Oppo A37.

  1. Please do 3 finger screenshots first.
  2. Not the ss catch that appears on the screen or notification bar.
  3. Followed by an option tap Long Screenshots.
  4. You can scroll down to the limit of the content to be retrieved.
  5. If you feel it’s enough, please tap immediately Done.
  6. Later the image will be automatically saved in the Menu or Gallery application.
  7. Done.

You can start this long screenshot by taking a screenshot using three fingers. So, if you have, you can start using the long screenshot option in the notification bar that appears on the screen.

3. Three Finger Screenshot

Screenshots of Three Finger Oppo a12

The next option is with three finger screenshots. You can take a screenshot by swiping three fingers from the bottom of the bag screen. Then the cellphone will automatically take a screenshot.

To be able to use this method, the user must activate the gesture feature first. Now to activate it and how to use it yourself is as follows.

  1. Enter menus Settings or Arrangement on the HP Oppo A52.
  2. Continue to enter the menu Convenience Aid.
  3. Then enter the menu Gestures & Motions.
  4. After that activate it 3-Finger Screenshot just by tapping the activation button on the side.
  5. If so, you can already take a screenshot with three fingers or the feature is already active.
  6. Once active you can screenshot using 3 fingers.
  7. Done.

The option to take a three-finger screenshot on the HP Oppo A52 can be a solution for those of you who really need a quick and easy screenshot. Later the screenshots will also be saved automatically in the Gallery menu on your Oppo cellphone.


So there are several ways to be able to take screenshots on the HP Oppo A52. Where you can apply all the methods above according to your wishes as an OPPO HP user.

All existing methods can be applied in the same way and can be used on other types of HP oppo. See also reviews about “How to Overcome Broken Oppo Power Buttonin the previous Tutorial.