3+ Ways to Watch Live Streaming Football for Free Without an Application

How to watch live football streaming for free without an application

Football is still one of the most popular sports today. For lovers of watching football, they will definitely feel at a loss if they don’t normally enjoy this spectacle. Well, luckily there’s a way to watch live football streaming for free that you can rely on.

The limited access to watching football matches on television is related to broadcasting rights. Likewise for watching football online, where not all providers are able to broadcast ballan broadcasts.

Broadcasting rights that are too high make it necessary to subscribe to broadcasting rights to watch football. Where service connoisseurs must subscribe, whether it’s daily, monthly or yearly to enjoy watching the ball.

For some people, subscribing to watching football may be something they don’t want. As another option we can rely on Illegal ball streaming application as an option to avoid the applicable rates for watching football.

But actually there are other options for us to be able to enjoy various football shows for free. There are many streaming sites for watching football that you can rely on as another option to replace the application. If you use the site you can access it via many devices.

How to watch live football streaming for free without an applicationBefore using the site or application page, when you want to watch live streaming, please access the official website first. Call it access to the RCTI plus application, Vidio, MNC which usually also broadcast football live and for free on their website.

Watching on the official website will certainly provide quality shows. The following Projectino I will share about many things about how to watch live streaming football for free without an application that football fans must know.

1. Watch Via Social Media Facebook

Not many people know that on Facebook we can watch lots of football matches directly. So, for you football lovers, you must know this method, where there are lots of fanpages that offer lots of live football viewing.

Even though it’s easy, there are some drawbacks to watching live football via Facebook. One of the drawbacks of watching live via FB is the poor broadcast quality. This is of course much different when we want to watch football on subscription or pay TV.

  1. Open Facebook on HP
  2. In the search field, type the match you want to watch
  3. Example “Indonesia VS Thailand”
  4. Then there will be many choices of matches
  5. Please select the one that offers the best broadcast quality

Make sure when you access the method above in the correct match schedule. We can watch almost all matches on Facebook. It’s just that the broadcast quality problem is really lacking, one might even say it’s very different.

2. Check the official page first

As projektino said earlier, you must check the official page first. Please check the official website of the soccer service provider, because many official sites also broadcast football for free and you can enjoy it online.

You can start by browsing to find out the soccer schedule you want to watch. We often find that some matches can actually be enjoyed for free on the official website that has a league license.

3. Free Watch Provider Sites

Next, you can enjoy streaming football for free by accessing certain pages. There are lots of free football streaming service provider sites that we can choose from.

Where these sites or websites can be a very attractive option for providing live streaming soccer games. But to enjoy it, most need VPN access for several reasons, of course. Here are some of the best live streaming sites, Projektino’s version.

  • All Sport TV
  • Okestream
  • BgiBall

Please access the soccer viewing provider site above to be able to enjoy the various soccer offerings that you want. For the quality of the broadcast itself, this page is guaranteed to be the best site that offers football broadcasts for free.


There are lots of interesting options that you can choose when you want to watch live streaming football. The options above can of course be a priority choice for now for those of you who really want the best ball treats for free.

But if you want to enjoy watching football in the best quality, it would be a good idea for you to subscribe to the channel. We can watch the Indonesian league for free on Indosiar, Channel O and also Vidio.

If you want something free, you can enjoy it on Indosiar TV broadcasts. So, hopefully information about how to watch live football streaming for free without an application for all European leagues. See also information about “How to Replace WA Notifications with Songs” on a previous review from Projektino.