30 Series of Baby Boy Names 2 Syllables from the Qur’an, Full of Prayers & Good Wishes

Jakarta – Al-Qur’an is the holy book of Muslims from Allah SWT which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The Qur’an also contains many main teachings so that all aspects of our lives become orderly.

Seeing the importance of the role of the Qur’an, Mother and Father can give baby names from various meaningful words in the Qur’an, you know.

Reported from We Have KidsHere are 30 series of Islamic baby boy names inspired by the Qur’an. Listen, Mother!

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1. Adam Hasan

Handsome like Prophet Adam

  • Adam means first human, first prophet
  • Hasan means handsome

2. Adnan Nur

Heaven’s light

  • Adnan means heaven
  • Nur means light

3. Amjad Bassam

The noblest and smile often

  • Amjad means the most noble
  • Bassam means the one who often smiles

4. Ali Bakr

Knowledgeable and innovative

  • Ali means knowledgeable
  • Bakr means innovative

5. Ayman Bashir

Bearer of good news full of blessings

  • Ayman means benefit, blessing
  • Bashir means bearer of good news

6. Bilal Afif

Holy water

  • Bilal means water
  • Afif means holy, virtuous

7. Fikri Faisal

A wise ruler in determining

  • Fikri means wise
  • Faisal means ruler who decides

8. Faiz Faheem

Lots of understanding

  • Faiz means a lot
  • Faheem means understanding

9. Ghazi Iyad

A soldier’s help

  • Ghazi means warrior, warrior
  • Iyad means help

10. Hanan Daud

Beloved friend who always gives love

  • Hanan means love
  • David means beloved friend

11. Judge Karim

Generous, wise and broad-minded

  • Hakim means wise, and broad-minded
  • Karim means benefactor

12. Ihsan Adili

Virtuous, kind and compassionate

  • Ihsan means kind and compassionate
  • Adil means virtuous, just

13. Issam Hadi

The bond to guide to the right path

  • Issam means connection, bond
  • Hadi means someone who guides to the right path

14. Jibran Aydin

Be brave and strong

  • Jibran means brave
  • Aydin means strong, capable

15. Junaid Kabir

Great and strong little warrior

  • Junaid means little soldier
  • Kabir means great, strong

16. Kanz Iqbal

Successfully got the treasure

  • Iqbal means successful
  • Kanz means treasure

17. Keyan Aala

Supreme existence

  • Keyan means existence
  • Aala means highest

18. Kamal Jawad

Your Majesty, has a perfect heart

  • Kamal means perfection
  • Jawad means noble, generous

19. Katib Aziz

Noble and passionate scholar

  • Katib means scholar
  • Aziz means noble, passionate

20. Kumail Wahid

Unique perfection

  • Kumail means perfection
  • Wahid means unique

21. Rashad Karam

Someone who is generous and guides to the right path

  • Rashad means guiding to the right path
  • Karam means generous

22. Raghib Ahsan

The best dreams

  • Raghib means aspire
  • Ahsan means the best

23. Samar Risyad

Good friends guide to the right path

  • Samar means good friend
  • Rashad means guidance, the right path

24. Saad Anas

Always give happiness

  • Saad means happiness
  • Anas means joy

25. Sulaiman Lutfi

Calm, gentle and kind

  • Solomon means calm
  • Lutfi means gentle, kind

26. Shamsan Badr

sunny moon

  • Shamsan means bright
  • Badr means moon

27. Tareq Wahid

One unique star

  • Tareq means star
  • Wahid means one, unique

28. Zubair Yaman

Blessed with strength

  • Zubair means strong
  • Yemen means blessed

29. Zaid Iqbal

Given abundance of success

  • Zaid means abundance
  • Iqbal means successful

30. Zaki Khalid

Pure immortal

  • Zaki means true, pure
  • Khalid means eternal

Thus Mother, 30 series of baby boy names inspired by the Qur’an. I hope there is a name that you like.

Check out the interesting video about baby names below, Mother.



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