30 Series of Baby Girl Names 2 Syllables from the Javanese Language That Means Graceful

Jakarta – If you are undergoing the final trimester, of course there are many things that must be prepared. In addition to the financial, mental and physical aspects, preparing a baby name for your little one is certainly no less important, you know.

Lately, baby girl names with Javanese nuances are often chosen by celebrities to name their children. Such as Badha Banyugeni (son of Kunto Aji), Abhimanyu Manggala Nugroho Putro (son of Vicky Shu), and then Gendhis Geona Madaharsa (son of Nella Kharisma).

The series of names were adopted from the Javanese language to form a meaning that has its own meaning and expectations from parents of course.

Some parents decide to name their children in Javanese because they are native to the Javanese tribe and not infrequently they want their little one to have a name that has cultural elements in it.

Moreover, Javanese baby girl names are not always old-fashioned and often have a graceful meaning. So there is nothing wrong with naming the Little One with a Javanese baby girl name meaning graceful.

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The following is a collection of a series of baby girl names from the Javanese language that has been published HiMom summarize.

1. Ayu Ardiningrum

It means a beautiful woman with a straight heart

Ayu: beautiful

Ardiningrum: straight heart

2. AsmirahSasikirana

It means a beautiful girl like the full moon

Asmirah: beautiful

Sasikirana: full moon

3. Batari Apsarini

It means a girl with a face like an angel

Goddess: face like

Apsarini: Angel

4. Rani Kinasih

It means a very beloved daughter

Rani: Princess

Kinasih: much loved

5. Ajeng Kasmirah

It means a beautiful and smart girl

Ajeng: beautiful

Kasmirah: clever

6. Adiratna Jelita

It means a woman like a beautiful and beautiful gem

Adiratna: beautiful gems

beautiful: beautiful

7. SamiraMurtiPramatya

It means a girl is like a very shining star

Samira: star

Murti: amazing, really

Pramatya: shine

8. ArdiyantiUtami

It means the tough first daughter

Ardiyanti: strong woman

Utami: The first child

9. Sari Indrani

It means a princess who has inner beauty

Sari: Princess

Indriani: inner beauty

10. Lakshmi Nindita

It means a beautiful and extraordinary girl

Lakshmi: beautiful

Nindita: extraordinary

11. AndayaniWhidia

It means that a girl is useful and knowledgeable

Andayani: useful child

Whidia: knowledge

12. DanastriArthawidya

It means a beautiful and kind and smart woman

Danastri: beautiful girl

Arthawidya: nice and smart

13. ChintyaFajarina

It means a girl whose beauty is like a sunny morning

Chintya: beautiful girl

Fajarina: beautiful morning

14. Dyah Jayanti

It means a girl whose beauty is like a beautiful flower

Dyah: beautiful girl

Jayanti: beautiful flower

15. Goddess Indraswari

It means a beautiful angel with a core of goodness

goddess: beautiful angle

Indraswari: the essence of goodness

16. CandramayaKila

It means a beautiful girl full moon shining

Candramaya: a girl as beautiful as the full moon

Kila: glitter

17. Salwa Rumi

It means a girl who is sweet like honey and has charm

Salwa: honey

Rumi: attractiveness

18. WasistaSantika

It means a daughter who is wise and can reconcile

Wasista: wise

Santika: the reconciling

19. NindyManika

It means that a girl is like a perfect gemstone

Nindy: perfect

Manika: gemstones

20. Gandawati Puspita

It means a girl who is beautiful like a flower

Gandawati: a beautiful child

Puspita: like flowers

21. Ayunda Bigianti

It means a beautiful and humble girl

Ayunda: beautiful girl

Bigianti: humble

22. DanastriEstiningtyas

It means a beautiful girl with the hope that someday she will be kind

Danastri: beautiful girl

Estiningtyas: wish good heart

23. Gandawati Naeswari

It means a beautiful girl, quiet and honest

Gandawati: beautiful child

Naeswari: quiet & honest

24. Empress Hartanti

It means a princess with a beautiful and bright face

Empress: Princess

Hartanti: pretty & bright

25. Rumi Padmasari

It means that a girl is like the beauty of a gemstone that has charm

Rumi: attractiveness

Padmasari: beautiful gemstone

26. Saraswati Pramidita

It means the goddess of knowledge who is smart

Saraswati: Goddess of knowledge

Pramidita: clever

27. Ainur Kartika

This means that a child is able to shine like a shining star

Ainur: bearer of light

Kartika: shining star

28. CandrariniEstiningtyas

It means a child with a face like the light of the moon and later has a good heart

Candrarini: child as beautiful as moonlight

Estiningtyas: wish good heart

29. Endah Helmawati

It means a beautiful woman accompanied by an artistic soul

Endah: beautiful girl

Helmawati: artistic

30. IchaBethari

It means a child with a beautiful face like the face of an angel

Icha: beautiful child

Betari: angel face

A number of these names are a combination of Javanese baby girl names which imply the meaning of elegance in them.

Check out the interesting video about baby names below, Mother.



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