30 Series of Baby Girl Names, Full of Hope and Enthusiasm to Welcome 2022

Jakarta – If Mom and Dad are waiting for the birth of your little one in the first days of 2022, there is a choice of baby names that can be given according to the moment.

The moment of the beginning of the year is synonymous with great hope and enthusiasm to welcome and live the new year. You can apply this positive value by giving a suitable baby name for your beautiful little one.

It is hoped that the Little One who was born at the beginning of the year depicts a person who is full of high spirits and hopes for goodness and happiness around him.

If you are looking for a baby name, maybe you can choose some of the following series that are suitable for names that will accompany a step full of hope and burning enthusiasm.

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Launching from the book Collection of Baby Names & Series Variations By Diah Hartati and books Inspirational baby names By Kana Media Team. Here, 30 series of baby girl names, full of hope and enthusiasm for the year 2022.

1. Amanina Agni Damara

Our wish for a beautiful girl who is rich

  • Amanina means our hope
  • Agni means rich
  • Damara means beautiful girl

2. Adelia Fredella Ulani

A noble woman who is cheerful and brings peace

  • Adelia means noble
  • Fredella means peacemaker
  • Ulani means cheerful

3. Ardelle Frederika

Life full of enthusiasm and peace

  • Ardelle means very enthusiastic
  • Frederika means full of peace

4. Athaya Hara Gechina

Gift of pearls full of grace

  • Ataya means gift
  • Hara means pearl strand
  • Gechina means full of grace

5. Azana Blenda Rofifa

magnificent, full of luxury and noble

  • Azana means majestic
  • Blenda means full of luxury
  • Rofifah means good character

6. Ardhani Janitra Conary

Holy, high-ranking and wise

  • Ardhani means holy
  • Janitra means high degree
  • Conary means wise

7. Lasmaya Bernice

Hope of victory

  • Lasmaya means hope
  • Bernice means the bringer of victory

8. Mahya Hasanah

Good deeds, alive and shining

  • Mahya means alive and shining
  • Hasanah means good deeds

9. Marwa Fatih Aqilah

Reasonable victory is careful in thinking

  • Marwa means to be careful in thinking
  • Fatih means victory
  • Aqilah means intelligent

10. Nanda Dhatri Enesia

My high and precious child’s expectations

  • Nanda means my son
  • Dhatri means high expectations
  • Enesia means precious

11. Amila Raihanah

A woman full of hope and good spirit

  • Amila means full of hope
  • Raihanah means a woman who has a good soul

12. Olinda Estiana Damayanti

Harumi is a flower, has ideals and her heart is commendable

  • Olinda means fragrant flower
  • Estiana means having a dream
  • Damayanti means commendable heart

13. Qonitah Khairunnisa

The best of filial women

  • Qonitah means to be devoted
  • Khairunnisa means the best of women

14. Querida Fitri Faiha

Holy and beloved child, many advantages

  • Querida means beloved
  • Fitri means holy child
  • Faiha means many advantages

15. Mercy Zebadiah

Congratulations, God’s grace

  • Rahayu means safe
  • Zebadiah means God’s gift

16. Rahima Hasana Besarani

Hope shrouded in greatness and compassion

  • Rahima means mercy
  • Hasana means hope
  • Besarani means covered with greatness

17. Sava Casimir

Peace of mind

  • Sava means serenity
  • Casimir means peacemaker

18. Salma Widyadana

Rich in knowledge, wealth and safety

  • Salma means safety
  • Widyana means rich in knowledge and wealth

19. Nur Amalina

Light of hope

  • Nur means light
  • Amalina means hope

20. Naray Rafhanah

Life expectancy of luxury and happiness

  • Naray means hope
  • Rafhanah means a luxurious and happy life

21. Verda Nadhirah

Young, passionate and charming

  • Verda means young and full of energy
  • Nadhirah means charming

22. Chira Desire

Hope forever

  • Chira means forever
  • Desire means hope

23. Rajwa Kamini

A woman full of hope and love

  • Rajwa means hope
  • Kamini means woman full of love

24. Hita Kamini Janitra

Something that is expected to be full of luck and high degree

  • HIta means profit
  • Kamini means something expected
  • Janitra means high degree

25. Kumari Chintamani Malini

Teenage girls are like sparkling gems that give hope

  • Kumari means teenage girl
  • Chintamani means pure gem that gives hope
  • Malini means sparkle

26. Manishita Nirvana

A hope of getting perfect happiness

  • Manisihita means a hope
  • Nirvana means perfect happiness

27. Varida Madhuspita

People who give hope for something sweet

  • Varida means hope
  • Madhuspita means something sweet

28. Rajiyyah Qudsiyyah

hope for holiness and blessings

  • Rajiyyah means the one who expects
  • Qudsiyyah means purity and blessing

29. Rana Vancha Ummiyah

Hope and desire for something beautiful and pleasing to the eye

  • Rana means something beautiful and pleasing to the eye
  • Vancha means desire
  • Ummiyah means hope

30. Zuema Rajwa Zahiyyah

Hope shines in peace

  • Zuera means in peace
  • Rajwa means hope
  • Zahiyyah means shining

That’s Mother, 30 series of baby girl names that are suitable for children born in early 2022. Hopefully Mom and Dad find the best name for your little one.

Also check out the video about baby girl names meaning elegant below.

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