30 Series of Baby Girl Names Typical of Javanese Noble, Ayu and Beautiful Meaning

Jakarta – Lately, giving baby names from foreign languages ​​is becoming more and more popular. However, if you still want to give your little one a typical Indonesian baby name, you can still do it.

Moreover, there are still many words from various cultures in the country that are also good and have not been widely used. One of them is a baby name from Javanese.

For mothers and fathers who come from the Javanese tribe, of course they also want to give a unique name for their little one. Javanese is known as one of the regional languages ​​that highly respects politeness and character. This can be seen from the Javanese sentences which are generally so smooth and polite.

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Following HiMom We have summarized several series of noble Javanese baby girl names that can be a reference in choosing the name of the Little One.

1. Ajeng Maharani

Which means beautiful empress

2. Lika Mahiswara

Which means a noble child and loves parents

3. Wening Saraswati

Which means a calm girl who is filled with knowledge

4. Tyas Santika

Which means the heart that reconciles

5. Widi Praminingtyas

Which means superior virtue

6. Beautiful Atmariani

Which means a beautiful and cheerful girl

7. Ayu Candrawati

Which means a beautiful noble who is smart

8. Batari Kahiyang

Which means the angel of heaven

9. Empress Diajeng

Which means the most beloved empress

10. Indriati Concierge

Which means a girl with a beautiful and airy heart

11. Swing Keshwari

Which means the Queen who supports kindness

12. Pramudita Charisma

Which means an awesome and clever leader

13. Rani Kumalasari

Which means beautiful empress

14. Kisha Wulandari

Which means a princess born on a full moon

15. Wasita Suciatma

Which means a leader with a holy soul

16. Kinanti Light

Which means beautiful light and light

17. Maharani Lestari

Which means eternal leader

18. The Soul of a Martini

Which means life in pleasure

19. Gandawati Harsana

Which means a beautiful and happy child

20. Wulandari Pramatya

Which means the shining full moon

21. Goddess Bhanurasmi

Which means sun goddess

22. Abinaya Handayani

Which means a child who is passionate about spreading benefits

23. Cempaka Ambarsari

Which means a flower with a pleasant scent

24. Rani Ardiningrum

Which means benevolent empress

25. Manika Kartini

Which means hidden gemstone

26. Ratna Sartika

Which means a calming girl

27. Sari Windriya

Which means noble princess

28. Princess Utami

Which means first daughter

29. Ratih Sasmaya

Which means beautiful angel

30. Ratri Sasikirana

Which means the moon that shines brightly at night

Those are some recommendations for noble Javanese baby girl names and the meanings contained in them, hopefully they can be an additional reference for Mothers.

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