30 Series of Islamic Baby Boy Names 3 Syllables from Arabic

Jakarta – Sorting out various name choices to compose a beautiful name for your little one certainly requires inspiration. Not a few mothers feel confused because there are so many choices of baby names out there.

Well, for Muslim mothers and fathers, they can choose to give their baby names with Islamic nuances. How, by sorting baby names from Arabic.

By choosing an Islamic baby name from Arabic, there are prayers and hopes for Mother and Father so that the Little One grows up to be a pious man and always adheres to the teachings of Islam.

Mothers don’t need to be confused about finding a baby name to compose the name of the Little One. Because here we have summarized several series of Islamic baby boy names from Arabic quoted from the book Series of Islamic Baby Names By Auni Azri Chaniago S.Pd. Come on!

1. Abbad Nailul Kiram

A man who diligently worships and gets glory

  • Abbad means diligent worship
  • Nailul means to get
  • Kiram means glory

2. Abdul Adzim

Mighty servant of Allah

  • Abdul means servant of Allah
  • Adzim means very powerful, very strong

3. Abid Kamal

Perfect worshiper

  • Abid means worshiper
  • Kamal means perfect

4. Adham Yusuf Wasim

Yusuf who has a beautiful lineage

  • Adham means line, chain rope
  • Yusuf means Prophet Yusuf, handsome
  • Wasim means beautiful

5. Adib Hilman

Gentle polite man

  • Adib means polite
  • Black means gentle

6. Abyanul Kalam

Clearer words

  • Abyanul means clearer, clearer
  • Kalam means words

7. Adam Ameer

The first leader

  • Adam means the first human
  • Ameer means leader

8. Addin Rais Adli

Fair religious leader

  • Addin means religion
  • Rais means leader
  • Adli means fair

9. Adnan Bana

Obvious fun

  • Adnan means pleasure
  • Bana means clear, visible

10. Afif Naqib

The servant who gives instructions

  • Afif means simple, honest, fair, straight
  • Naqib means leader

11. Afsarul Malik

Crown King

  • Afsarul means crown
  • Mail means king

12. Ahmad Ghozali Khairi

A commendable and benevolent war soldier

  • Ahmad means praiseworthy
  • Ghozali means warrior
  • Khairi means goodness

13. Baari Fauzan

Victory Creator

  • Baari means creator
  • Fauzan means victory

14. Bady Muharram

The visible month of Muharram

  • Bady means what looks real
  • Muharram means the month of Muharram

15. Banu Baari

Smart son

  • Banu means anal, son
  • Baari means smart

16. Daffa Ibn Asrar

The boy who can keep a secret

  • Daffa means guardian
  • Ibni means son
  • Asrar means secret

17. Dany Fakhar Zhafar

Successful people who are close to victory

  • Dany means close
  • Fakhar means success, pride
  • Zhafar means victory

18. Dzaka Muhammad Fauzan

An intelligent and commendable man who won

  • Dzaka means smart
  • Muhammad means a commendable person
  • Fauzan means victory, champion

19. Dzaki Abdul Manaf

Intelligent servant who has more abilities

  • Dzaki means clever, intelligent
  • Abdul means servant
  • Manaf means those who have outstanding abilities

20. Dzamar Shidiq

Honesty is something that must be maintained

  • Dzamar means something that must be defended
  • Shidiq means honesty

21. Fa’al Hasam Isma

Faithful husband, handsome and likes to work

  • Fa’al means like to work
  • Hasam means handsome
  • Ismam means a faithful husband

22. Fadhil Sa’adi Zahid

Noble, wise and humble

  • Fadhil means noble, virtuous
  • Sa’adi means wise
  • Zahid means humble

23. Fahim Aslan

A man who understands about safety

  • Fahim means to understand
  • Aslan means safe

24. Fakhir Salim Aqil

Reasonable man who boasts

  • Fakhir means greatness, pride
  • Salim means safe, strong, perfect, complete
  • Aqil means intelligent

25. Farid Nibras

Incomparable courage

  • Farid means there is no comparison
  • Nibras means courage

26. Ghani Ahmad

Rich and commendable man

  • Ghani means rich
  • Ahmad means the commendable

27. Ghaly Adli

Justice is something very precious

  • Ghaly means precious
  • Adli means fair

28. Ghozy Sayaddad

Very brave warrior of war

  • Ghozy means warrior of war
  • Sayaddad means very brave

29. Yafiq Imron Rafif

A respected and well-behaved leader

  • Yafiq means noble, respected
  • Imron means leader
  • Rafif means good character

30. Yahya Farras

One of the names of the intelligent prophet

  • Yahya means the name of the prophet
  • Farras means smart

Thus Mother, 30 series of Islamic baby names from Arabic that can be an inspiration. Hopefully you can find the best name for your little one.

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