30 Series of Islamic Baby Boy Names 3 Syllables, Good and Still Rarely Used

Jakarta – The name is the main identity for a person, but behind it there is a more meaningful meaning in a name which is a prayer and hope as well as an expression of affection from parents.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Mother wants to choose the best baby name for her Little One. For mothers who are Muslim, one option is to give baby names with Islamic nuances for their little ones.

Islamic names have indeed been widely used in Indonesia. However, you don’t need to be confused, if you want to keep giving an Islamic name, we have 30 sets of 3 syllable Islamic baby boy names that are not widely used or not in the market for a handsome little one. Let’s listen:

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Inspirational Islamic baby boy names that are not on the market

1. Abdul Hubbu Fayyadh

Which means a servant who loves Allah and has generosity

Abdul: Servant

Hubbu: Loving

Fayyadh: Generous

2. Adelard Sakha Massaid

Which means the blessing of God who is dashing and mighty

Adelard: Dashing

Sakha: God’s Blessing

Massaid: Mighty

3. Naufal Dary Ayyash

Which means a handsome young man who is wise and hardworking

Naufal: Handsome young man

Dary: Wise

Ayyash: Hard worker

4. Aimar Ziyadh Alauddin

Which means the friend of the Prophet who has the privilege and is the glory of religion

Aimar: Companion of the Prophet

Ziyad: Privileges

Alauddin: The glory of religion

5. Alkhalifi Sidqi Ananta

Which means a true and limitless boy

Alkhalifi: Boy

Sidqi: Right

Ananta: No limits

6. Ammar Fatih Narendra

Which means a leader who is able to subdue a territory and prosper it

Ammar: The one who prospers

Fatih: Subduer of a territory

Narendra: Leader

7. Arsakha Mufid Aminullah

Which means a noble who is able to benefit and is God’s trust

Arsakha: Nobility

Mufid: Beneficiary

Aminullah: Trust in Allah

8. Bilfaqih Rey Alteza

Which means a king who understands religious law and is glorified

Bilfaqih: People who understand the Shari’a

Rey: King

Alteza: Your Majesty

9. Ibni Rafif Fadhilah

Which means a boy with good morals and can provide benefits

Ibni: Boy

Rafif: Good manners

Fadhilah: Helpful

10. Ghirrid Farhan Al-Bassam

Which means someone who is smart in conversation, cheerful and always smiling

Ghirrid: Good at talking

Farhan: Cheerful

Al-Bassam: Always smiling

11. Zhafar Mumtaz Ramadhan

Which means a special victory in the holy month of Ramadan

Zhafar: Victory

Mumtaz: The specialty

Ramadan: The holy month of Ramadan

12. Fawwas Dzaki Sirajuddin

Which means someone who is superior and intelligent and is a lamp for the Islamic religion

Fawwaz: Excellent

Dzaki: Smart

Sirajuddin: The lantern of religion

13. Anam Buhairil Ma’arif

Which means a man with knowledge as wide as the ocean

Anam: Human

Buhairil: Samudra

Ma’arif: Knowledgeable

14. Gibrah Ahmad Ramadhan

Which means that panda cubs born in the month of Ramadan are accompanied by commendable traits

Gibran: Clever

Ahmad: The commendable

Ramadan: The holy month of Ramadan

15. Heydar Aziz Effendi

Which means that men are like lions who are mighty and respected

Heydar: Lion

Aziz: Mighty

Effendi: Respected

16. Helmy Mustafa Hisham

Which means the chosen man who is always patient and generous

Helmi: Patience

Mustafa: Choice

Hisham: Generous

17. Husni Khairi Mubarak

Which means a beautiful and kind boy who was awarded

Husni: Beautiful

Khairi: Okay

Mubarak: Anugerah

18. Istaz Khoir Maulana

The best respected preacher

Istaz: Preacher

Khoir: Best

Maulana: Respected

19. Jadid Isam Makshum

Which means a man who is just born in a state of being cared for and pure

Jadid: New

Isam: Preserved

Makhsum: Holy

20. Rijalul Kafi Al-Hakim

Which means a perfect and wise boy

Rijalul: Boys

Kafi: Perfect

Al-Hakim: Wise

21. Anwar Khairuddin Mubarak

Which means a man who radiates the light of the goodness of religion and is blessed by Allah SWT

Anwar: Shine

Khairuddin: The goodness of religion

Mubarak: Anugerah

22. Muhammad Mahardika Maisan

Which means a boy who is knowledgeable, virtuous and shines bright like a star

Muhammad: Very commendable

Mahardika: Knowledgeable

Sweets: Shining star

23. Nadir Ulumuhul Mustafa

Which means men whose knowledge is chosen and rarely people have it

Nadir: Rarely

Ulumuhul: His knowledge

Mustafa: Chosen

24. Nugraha Syarif Mumtaz

The meaning of a noble and special gift

Nugraha: Anugerah

Sharif: Your Majesty

25. Rafardan Athalla Wafi

Which means the perfect gift from Allah that continues to shine on the world like a light

Rafardan: Light

Athalla: God’s grace

Wafi: Perfect

26. Sabqi Hamzah Azib

Which means my virtue is my wisdom, patience and persistence

Sabqi: My priority

Hamza: Wisdom

Azib: Patient & persistent

27. Rafi Khairul Azam

Which means men of high rank who aspire to the best

Rafi: High degree

Khairul: Best

Azam: Aspirations

28. Zaidan Rifqi Sakha

Which means a man who has the advantage of being a generous companion

Zaidan: Strengths

Rifqi: Friends

Sakha: Generous

29. Zahran Rashad Musawwar

Which means that men are like protected flowers, as well as a guide to the straight path

Zahran: Flowers

Rashad: Directions to the straight path

Musawwar: The protected

30. Fakhri Khalish Majid

Which means a noble man who achieves pure glory

Fakhri: Victory

Khalish: Pure

Majid: Your Majesty

That’s a row of references to Islamic baby names that are not in the market and of course can be an inspiration for mothers who want to give names to their little ones.

Check out the interesting video about baby names below.



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