30 Series of Islamic Baby Girl Names 3 Syllables, Beautiful and Not Marketable Bun

Jakarta – The birth of a beautiful and adorable little baby in the middle of the family is certainly a blessing in itself from Allah SWT.

Given this, Mother also wants to give the baby a name with an Islamic nuanced name so that she grows up to become a Muslim woman who is always obedient to Allah SWT.

Have you found the right Islamic baby girl name for your little one? Winning Islamic baby names have been used a lot, Mother. If you want to find an Islamic baby girl name that is not widely used or not on the market, here are the choices.

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Islamic baby girl name references that are not on the market

1. Aathirah Tamara Raniah

which means women are fragrant, bright and charming

Aathirah: fragrant

Tamara: brightly lit

Raniah: dazzling

2. Adiba Talitha Arshiya

which means a great girl who is a gift from God

Adiba: a gift from God

Talitha: girl

Arshiya: great

3. AdevaAfshenMyesha

which means the gift of a joyful life and shines like a star in the sky

Adeva: fun

Afshen: shine like a star in the sky

Myesha: gift of life

4. AleshaZahraJannah

which means a woman is like a rose in heaven who is always protected by Allah

Alesha: always protected by Allah

Zahra: roses

Jannah: heaven

5. Hasna Alya Azizah

which means a beautiful woman with high nobility

Hasna: beautiful

Alya: Tall

Azizah: noble

6. AninditaKeishaZahra

which means a daughter without flaws like the daughter of the Prophet

Anindita: without flaws

Keisha: princess

Zahra: one of the names of the daughter of the Prophet

7. CalidaAthayaArmaria

means a gift from God in the form of the most beautiful woman and always happy

Calida: the most beautiful

Athaya: a gift from God

Armaria: happy

8. FayzaKullaAzmina

which means a woman who always wins in every era

Fayza: win

Kulla: every

Azmina: era

9. Fathin Shidqia Dewi

which means a woman who is amazing because of her truth and honesty

Fathin: awesome

Shidqia: true & honest

Goddess: girl

10. Freya Adibatul Hasanah

which means a noble woman with good morals

Freya: noble lady

Adibatul: morals

Hasanah: ok

11. Ghaisani Cahya Dewi

which means a woman who is beautiful and radiant

Ghaisani: beautiful

Light: light

Goddess: girl

12. Halwah Raniah Woman

which means a sweet and charming dutiful woman

Halwah: sweet

Qanita: filial

Raniah: dazzling

13. Iffah Astilah Rahmah

which means women who have good offspring, know self-respect and are filled with love

Iffah: have self-respect

Astila: good ancestry

Rahmah: love

14. Jasmine Nur Annisa

which means a woman with a radiant face like a jasmine flower

Jasmine: jasmine flower

Nur: light

Annisa: girl

15. Kanaya Khoiruna Azmi

which means a woman who has kindness, determination and a peaceful way of life

Kanaya: a girl with a peaceful way of life

Khoiruna: kindness

Azmi: determination

16. Kania Zaida Azmi

which means a young girl with the strength of a strong heart

Kania: young girl

Zaida: an advantage

Azmi: determination

17. Kaysha Paramitha Adira

which means a woman who lives happily with her tenacity to spread goodness

Kaysha: live happily

Paramitha: kindness

Adira: persistent

18. Khalida DayanaDamia

which means a strong woman who is always filled with blessings forever

Khalida: forever

Dayana: strong

Damia: filled with blessings

19. KhalishahFikratuhaSahira

which means a woman who can captivate hearts with her pure thoughts

Khalishah: pure

Fikratuha: his thoughts

Sahira: captivating

20. Khayla Almira Maritza

which means a beautiful daughter and gets a blessing from Allah

Khayla: beautiful

Almira: princess

Maritza: get God’s blessing

21. Lakeisha Ayu Farannisa

which means a beautiful and happy woman with a prosperous life

Lakeisha: A woman who lives well

Ayu: beautiful

Farannisa: happy woman

22. Luthfia Alia Dewi

which means a woman who is gentle and comes from a strong place

Luthfia: gentle

Alia: from a strong place

Goddess: girl

23. Maisura Aina Muslimah

which means a Muslim woman bestowed with pleasure forever

Maisurah: happy

Aina: forever

Muslimah: Muslim women

24. Majdah Arumi Faidah

which means a smart woman who was born from the offspring of useful people

Majdah: smart

Arumi: my descendants

Faidah: useful

25. MalikaAghniaUfairah

which means a rich and brave Queen

Malika: queen

Aghnia: rich

Ufairah: brave

26. NabilaMislaYaqutillahi

which means a beautiful woman is like a jewel of my Lord

Nabila: beautiful

Example: like

Yaqutillahi: gem of my Lord

27. Mufidah Nurul Azmi

which means a woman who is useful and becomes the light of determination

Mufidah: beneficiary

Nurul: light

Azmi: determination

28. Naura Ayu Humaira

which means a beautiful woman is like a reddish flower

Naura: Flowers

Ayu: beautiful

Humaira: reddish

29. QulaibaYumnaAzizah

which means a woman who is blessed with the glory of the heart

Qulaiba: heart

Yumna: blessed

Azizah: noble

30. RahifahNaddaKamila

which means a perfect woman with a sharp heart

Rahifah: sharp

Nadda: heart

Kamila: perfect

Thus is a series of Islamic baby names for girls that are not marketed and suitable for mothers who want to name their little ones a little differently from the others.

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