30 Series of Islamic Baby Girl Names, a Blend of Korean, Beautiful Bun

Jakarta – Islam and Korea seem to have a distant relationship, actually they are not, you know Mother. Islam in Korea is one of the religions that developed in Korea.

In South Korea, the Muslim population has even continued to increase since the Korean War. If you are a fan of Korean culture such as K-pop or K-drama, you can give your baby an Islamic nuanced name with a mix of Korean.

Therefore, HiMom have chosen several series of Islamic baby girl names with a mix of Korean that can be recommended for your little one’s name. Check out the recommendations.

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1. Zara Areum

A girl who is beautiful and sparkling brightly.

  • Zara: bright sparkle
  • Areum: beauty

2. Ae-Cha Khairina

A daughter who loves and always spreads virtue.

  • Ae-Cha: loving daughter
  • Khairina: virtue

3. Aera Khalishah

A daughter who is loved with pure.

  • Aera: love
  • Khalishah: pure

4. Zaina Chan-Mi

A beautiful and commendable girl.

  • Zaina: beautiful
  • Chan-Mi: compliment

5. Halwa Chung Cha

A noble daughter who has a sweet face.

  • Halwa: sweet
  • Chung Cha: noble daughter

6. Karamina Da-Eun

A girl who is generous and likes to spread kindness.

  • Karamina: generous
  • Da-Eun: kindness

7. Fildzah Eun Ae

A mate who is blessed and loved.

  • Fildzah: heart mate
  • Eun Ae: grace, love

8. Fatin Eunji

A girl who is attractive because of her kindness.

  • Fatin: interesting
  • Eunji: kindness

9. Razita Ga Eun

A girl as beautiful as a flower.

  • Razita: flower
  • Ga Eun: beautiful

10. Shakira Ha-Eun

A child who is filled with gratitude and is blessed by God

  • Shakira: full of gratitude.
  • Ha-Eun: God’s grace

11. Suha Haneul

A little star from heaven

  • Suha: little star.
  • Haneul: heaven

12. Inarah Hayoon

A girl who shines like the sun.

  • Inarah: luminous
  • Hayoon: sunshine

13. Shakila Hee-Young

A girl who is beautiful and always happy.

  • Shakila: beautiful face
  • Hee-Young: joy

14. Heejin’s Sharafana

A noble daughter is like a precious pearl.

  • Syarafana: glory
  • Heejin: precious pearl

15. Asahy Hwa Young

A girl is like a beautiful flower with various colors.

  • Asahy: colorful
  • Hwa Young: beautiful flower

16. Maysun Hye

A woman who is smart and beautiful.

  • Maysun: beautiful
  • Hye: smart girl

17. Meysa Hyeon

A boy who has an attraction because of his noble character.

  • Meysa: interesting
  • Hyeon: someone who is virtuous

18. Farah Hyejin

A girl who is smart and always accompanied by fun.

  • Farah: fun
  • Hyejin: smart

19. Hasya Kyung Mi

A perfect daughter accompanied by a respectable beauty.

  • Hasya: perfection
  • Kyung Mi: beauty with honor

20. Kiaraa Athiyyah

A most precious gift from God.

  • Kiaraa: a precious gift from God
  • Athiyyah: gift

21. Iftinan Mi Cha

A girl with an amazingly beautiful face.

  • Iftinan: awesome
  • Mi Cha: beautiful

22. Salsabila Mi-Sun

A spring in heaven that is very beautiful

  • Salsabila: springs in heaven
  • Mi-Sun: beauty

23. Khatun Myung-Hee

A happy and cheerful girl.

  • Khatun: girl
  • Myung-Hee: cheerful joy

24. Khansa Sena

A good daughter is like the beauty of the world.

  • Khansa: good girl
  • Sena: the beauty of the world

25. Raidah Seohyun

A leader with noble character.

  • Raidah: leader
  • Seohyun: virtuous

26. Syahmina Soomin

A girl who is smart and smart.

  • Syahmina: clever
  • Soomin: smart

27. Yeon Aida

A little queen accompanied by good luck.

  • Yeon: little queen
  • Aida: luck

28. Amira Yeona

A noble daughter with a heart of gold.

  • Amira: daughter of a noble
  • Yeona: heart of gold

29. Alzena Young Jae

A woman who feels prosperity forever.

  • Alzena: a girl
  • Young Jae: prosper forever

30. Abra Young Soo

A woman who was born on Tuesday and is accompanied by wealth forever.

  • Abra: girl born on Tuesday
  • Young Soo: rich forever

Those are some series of Korean nuanced Islamic baby names for girls as Mother’s recommendation material. Hopefully there is a name that is suitable for the beautiful little one.

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