30 Series of Modern, Beautiful and Contemporary Javanese Baby Girl Names

Jakarta – Have you chosen the right set of baby names for your little one? If not, you can choose a baby name from Javanese for your little one who will soon be born.

Javanese baby names are not only thick with cultural elements that can create a sense of pride in Indonesia, they also contain extraordinary meanings, you know.

Moreover, the Javanese language is also known to have a deep philosophy. In addition, baby names from Javanese also seem elegant and some are modern, you know, Mother. Like, Ayu Janira Kasih means beautiful, always healthy and loved and many others, Bun.

How, are you interested? Launching from the book Inspirational Baby Names by Kana Media Team. Here are a few choices of baby girl names from Modern Javanese. Come on!

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1. Amber Semadara

Fragrant chrysanthemum flowers

  • Amber means cempaka flower
  • Semadara means fragrant, fragrant

2. Anila Lepana

Gentle wind

  • Anila means wind
  • Lepana means soft

3. Artanti Mariana

Lots of sustenance and have good health

  • Artanti means a lot of sustenance
  • Mariana means having good health

4. Ayunda Batari

The sister with the face of an angel

  • Ayunda means older sister
  • Batari means the face of an angel

5. Ayu Janirah Love

Beautiful, always healthy and loved

  • Ayu means beautiful
  • Janirah means always healthy, never sick
  • Love means love

6. Belani Giyati

His heart is excited and dares to defend

  • Belani means brave to defend
  • Giyati means his heart is excited

7. Bestari Ambarwati

Brilliant and intelligent woman

  • Bestari means smart, brilliant woman
  • Ambarwati means smart

8. The Light of Madhurya

Beauty light

  • Light means light
  • Madhurya means beauty

9. Darliah Ikawati

Guidance of heart for joy and peace

  • Darliah means joy and peace
  • Ikawati means heart guide

10. Hemas Padmana

The wealth of a growing heart

  • Hemas means love
  • Padmana means growing

11. Indri Apsarini

Like a beautiful angel

  • Indri means beautiful
  • Apsarini means angel

12. Jelita Nirmala

Beautiful and clean

  • Jelita means beautiful
  • Nirmala means holy

13. Kani Anindita

The best and perfect

  • Kani means best
  • Anindita means perfect, superior

14. Kartika Candrakanti

Moonlight and stars

  • Kartika means starlight
  • Candrakanti means moonlight

15. Kiani Adiratna

The royal throne is like a beautiful and noble gem

  • Kiani means royal throne
  • Adiratna means a beautiful and noble gem

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16. Kinasih Andini

Beloved obedient child

  • Kinasih means beloved
  • Andini means obedient

17. Madhurya Darapuspita

Flower girl beauty

  • Madhurya means beauty
  • Darapuspita means flower, flowering

18. Empress Astutiningtyas

The queen whose heart is commendable

  • Maharani means queen
  • Asstutiningtyas means his heart is commendable

19. Mitra Adiningrum

A friend with a straight heart, pure and fragrant

  • Partner means friend
  • Adiningrum means straight-hearted, pure and fragrant

20. Nismara Ardiyanti

A woman who is determined and full of calm

  • Nismara means a woman who has a strong soul
  • Ardiyanti means full of calm

21. Rara Sadina

A girl who has kindness

  • Rara means girl
  • Sadina means the owner of goodness

22. Renanta Taraka

Women with bright eyes like stars

  • Renanta means bright-eyed woman
  • Taraka means star

23. Sekar Arum

Fragrant flowers

  • Sekar means flower
  • Arum means fragrant

24. Yuri Gayatri

Fair Goddess

  • Yuri means goddess
  • Gayatri means fair

25. Buntari Flower

Full of youthful and happy spirit

  • Bungah means happy, happy
  • Buntari means youthful spirit

26. Gemani Darliah

Have a sharp voice and happy and peaceful

  • Gemini means sharp voice
  • Darliah means joy and peace

27. Diamond Jaladara

The flow of water and beautiful stones

  • Diamond means a beautiful stone
  • Jaladara means water flow

28. Kemala Lasmirah

The sparkling stone has many benefits

  • Kemala means stone with many benefits
  • Lasmirah means sparkling

29. Matari Pradipta

Bright, glowing flower

  • Matari means flower name
  • Pradipta eat light and light

30. Sadina Sahda

Beautiful and nice

  • Sadina means the owner of goodness
  • Sahda means beautiful, beautiful

So, if you’re still confused, check out other baby girl names in the video below!



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