4 Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Aceh that You May Have Never Visited

4 Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Aceh that You May Have Never Visited

Getting various recommendations for beautiful tourist attractions in Aceh is not too difficult, because even though it was destroyed by the Tsunami in 2004, Aceh is still believed to be a tourist visit place that gives its own charm for tourists. There are many beautiful tourist attractions in Aceh that offer exotic views and are different from tourist destinations in other areas.

However, before visiting there, it is better to first determine the type of trip to be taken, because there are not many travel companies that present Aceh as the main place to visit. The easiest and most expensive type of trip is of course by using a direct plane from Jakarta to Aceh.

If you want cheaper, you can combine it with road trips. You do this by taking a plane from Jakarta to Medan, when you arrive in Medan, you can continue the journey by bus for 10 hours.
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However, there is another most economical way, namely by taking a ship from Jakarta to Aceh. With this sea trip, you will first transit in Bangka Belitung, Riau Islands and Belawan Port, Medan before finally arriving at Malahayati Port, Aceh.

This sea trip does take a long time, but for those of you who are adventurous, of course it will be more challenging and more exciting, moreover it is also more economical because it can reduce travel costs. Here are 4 Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Aceh that You Must Visit.

1. Lake Laut Tawar

fresh sea lake in aceh

Located in the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh Regency, Laut Tawar Lake offers an exotic view of the lake which is fed by 25 tributaries. Uniquely, the clear lake water will be clearer when the heat of the sun sweeps the surface of the lake water. In this place, besides being able to enjoy the beautiful panorama around the lake, visitors can also sit back and relax on the edge of the lake while enjoying the typical culinary of Banda Aceh which is made from fish caught by residents in the lake.

2. Mount Borni Telong

For those of you who like to climb, Mount Borni Telong can be one of the destinations. This active volcano, which last erupted on 7 December 1924, is located in Bener Meriah Regency. To reach this mountain there are several alternative routes that can be taken, one of which is through the Edelwais Path.

It is called the Edelwais Path because along the road leading to Mount Borni Telong, there are many perennial flowers whose names are very legendary, namely Edelwais flowers. If you want to climb, for those of you who are not familiar with the location, it is better to consult first and invite one or two local youths to accompany the climb. If you make it to the height of this mountain, your eyes will be spoiled by the beautiful expanse of pine trees.

3. Blang Pool Waterfall

blang pool waterfall

The location of the Blang Pool waterfall is in Sidomulyo Village, Kuta Makmur District, North Aceh Regency. Although the existence of this waterfall has not received serious attention from the local government, the natural conditions are beautiful and very beautiful, making anyone feel at home to linger to enjoy the natural atmosphere in this tourist spot.

4. Lampuuk Beach

Among the various recommendations for beautiful tourist attractions in Aceh, Lampuuk Beach is one of them. To get to this beach, it only takes 45 minutes to travel from downtown Banda Aceh. Many people say Lampuuk Beach is the Kuta of Aceh, because the long stretch of white sand on this beach, gives its own satisfaction to be a place to play. In addition to playing sand and swimming, tourists can also enjoy the banana boat available at Lampuuk Beach.

Those are 4 beautiful tourist destinations in Aceh that you must visit. May be useful!

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