4 Email Security Tips for a More Professional Business

4 Email Security Tips for a More Professional Business

Email has become a timeless communication medium, especially for business. Well, take care e-mail security become a must-do.

When talking about communication or interaction with customers, there will be many ways or many ways that are used as media to communicate with each other. Customers tend to choose communication channels that are easy to reach, safe, comfortable.

One of them is email, as a medium of communication which is still the main choice for a company. Email security It’s very complicated, but some companies are putting in place strategies to keep their email accounts safe and uninterrupted by spammers. Then how as an email user to secure email? Here are 4 tips that you can apply to your personal email account.

1. Passwords must also be disciplined lo!

Get in the habit of changing passwords every few months, or at least a password must be unique. Because of what? The easier your password is read, the easier it will be for your email to be cracked. Change your domain monthly, or if you’re having trouble trying changing it every few months.

4 Email Security Tips for a More Professional Business

2. SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

Maybe many email users do not understand what SSL is? One of the additional features that you can install in your email, if you use e-mail hosting separately. Then you can add SSL as email data encryption. One example of SSL that you can take into consideration you can get at the provider Best Hosting in Indonesia such as ipadguides.com.

By encrypting an email, it will affect the security quality of your email server. This looks simple and maybe you don’t realize it, even though not using SSL is not a problem, but it’s better to prevent things before things happen, right? Well, here are some tips that you can apply when choosing SSL.

3. Be careful with Email Attachments

Hackers always use various ways to break into accounts, but it’s good for us as email users to also pay attention to what we send to the destination email. You also need to check attachments and consider, lest you send email attachments that have the potential to carry viruses inside e-mail hosting.

And also you need to be careful when clicking on an unknown link, it could be a link that contains phishing.

4. Pay Attention to Your Important Email Data!

There are several things you need to pay attention to and don’t let your guard down, often you send data or things that shouldn’t be sent using email, when the email is compromised it will have a bad impact on your company.

So make sure again that the email you send is really far from the influence of hackers or spammers. Make sure to use an email hosting service that provides SSL and anti spammers. Because preventing is much better than it happening.

If you already know this, surely you will not underestimate the importance of securing email for your business, right? Well, you’re the one using Best Hosting in Indonesia for your business website, you can complete it with SSL service as security for your business email.

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