4 Investments with Small Capital that are Worth Trying as an Alternative New Source of Income

The pandemic is a difficult time for Indonesians to go through. Apart from being haunted by the spread of the virus, the public is also worried about the dwindling financial condition. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) last June, all income groups in Indonesia experienced a decline in income.

as many as 70% of the people with low income or under IDR 1.8 million are the income group most affected. People with this income experience a decline in income. Meanwhile, as many as 30.34% of people with high incomes or more than Rp. 7.2 million also have a lower income during this pandemic.

Indonesian people with high and low incomes are equally feeling the financial impact during this pandemic. Moreover, there is no certainty when the spread of this virus will stop. To deal with this condition, investment can be a new opportunity to reap income.

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Do not be afraid about initial capital, because in this digital era, various investment instruments have been born that do not require large initial capital. Some of these types of investments are worth trying as an alternative source of new income.

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This type of investment is one of the products financial technology which is popular today. Through a online platforms, the borrower (borrower) can meet with the lender (lender). By becoming a borrower of funds, one can benefit from the returns or interest paid by the borrower.

This type of investment is suitable for the short term. Because, the loan tenor is Fintech P2P Lending usually days in a matter of months only. lender at P2P Lending also benefited more because the interest earned was greater than bank interest.

Even so, you need to be careful in choosing Peer To Peer Lending platform. Try to choose Peer To Peer Lending platforms with a low risk of default by the borrower. That way, the potential loss can be further muted.

2. Retail Sukuk

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Sukuk is present as an investment instrument for those who want to apply sharia principles in the process of circulating their funds. Sukuk itself is an investment that is included in Islamic bonds provided by the State in retail. In other words, investors will buy sukuk which also includes Government Securities (SBN).

In starting the investment, the initial capital that is pegged by this investment is IDR 1 million. Sukuk issuing banks usually set a minimum purchase of sukuk by investors. Another advantage of this investment is the guaranteed security because it involves the State in the investment process.

3. Mutual Fund

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This investment is usually used as a stepping stone before plunging into stock investment. Because, mutual funds can be started with an initial capital of up to Rp. 100,000, – and are classified as having less risk of loss. Mutual funds work by buying investors’ funds into various other investment instruments, such as stocks, bonds, or the money market. Funds from investors can be channeled to various companies. The distribution of funds in various companies is what makes the risk of loss anticipated.

4. Equity Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding Service or equity crowdfunding relatively new in Indonesia. In fact, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) only regulated this investment in 2018 through OJK Regulation No 37/POJK.04/2018. According to the regulation, crowdfunding is the process of raising funds for a project or business by a number of people through the help of information technology. By injecting funds into the company through crowdfunding, you indirectly “own” the company.

The development of financial technology currently opens opportunities for startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to obtain funding through equity crowdfunding so that they are not burdened with the obligation to pay interest and principal loans. System equity crowdfunding like stock, so different from p2p lending which only provides loans. However, the process is not carried out in the capital market.

Before disbursing funds, you must make sure the company has permission from the OJK to organize equity crowdfunding. This investment is worth a try, especially for those of you who are able to see trends or habits that are loved or needed by the community. if you can see the trend, you have the potential to get dividends from the positive performance of the company

Investment is an opportunity for the community to be able to cover various needs in the midst of declining incomes. Even though it promises profits, the investment process must also be followed by education so as not to get lost in selling unlicensed or illegal investments

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