4 Meanings of Dreams of Giving Birth but Not Married, One of them There is a Big Change

Sleep does make our bodies rest completely from all day activities. Even so, sleep does not always make us calm. In sleep, we can dream all kinds of things. It might be fun, scary, or even curious.

It’s just that, there are dreams that we can remember the details of what happened, there are also dreams that are immediately forgotten the next day. Indeed, what is that dream?

according to WebMD, Basically dreams are stories or images that the mind can create while we sleep. Dreams can make you calm, happy, sad, and also afraid. Or dreams can also be confusing or feel very rational and possible.

Dreams can occur at any time during sleep. It’s just that you have the most vivid dreams (and perhaps you remember, yes) during the REM or rapid eye movement phase, when your brain is active. Many experts say, we may have four to six dreams a night.

We know we’re dreaming

There are various stories from dreams. You must have had a dream where in the dream, you knew you were in a dream, right?

lucid dream is one of them. lucid dream is a dream where you know you are dreaming. Various studies show that lucid dream This occurs because of activity in the part of the brain that is normally quiet during sleep.

In other words, lucid dream are dreams that occur when the brain and REM sleep are awake. On the incident lucid dreams, You can influence dreams and change stories, and even talk. But experts say it’s good to let dreams flow as they are.

Unlike nightmares. Nightmares are very common in children and adults. As quoted from WebMD, Nightmares can be caused by:

  • Stress, conflict and fear
  • Trauma
  • There are emotional problems that are being experienced
  • Effects of drugs being consumed
  • Drug use
  • Disease

If your nightmares are repetitive, it’s a good idea for you to say something that you might have been holding back. You can also consult a psychologist.

Sleeping Woman IllustrationIllustration of the meaning of a dream of giving birth but not yet married/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The meaning of the dream of being pregnant even though you are not married

In fact, researchers still don’t fully agree on the real reason why we dream in our sleep. However, many theories have discussed dreams.

However, many researchers see dreams as a result of brain activity in the brain. Others think that dreams are a way of dealing with or overcoming the emotional dramas in life. Because in the sleep phase, the brain will operate on a more emotional level.

Some scientists, as quoted from healthline, proposed that dreaming is a helpful adaptation when we are dealing with stressful situations. If we have experienced it in a dream, then we will be better prepared to face it in the real world.

Including dreams of being pregnant. Whether you are pregnant or not, married or not, the dream of giving birth and having a baby is a normal dream.

according to healthline, The meaning of the dream of giving birth even though you are not married, or do not want to have children, is a metaphor for:

1. New start in life

Maybe you are going through a process in your life that will start another process in your life.

2. Self development

Already successful in college or work, now see yourself as better than before. Maybe that’s what you want to see in a dream.

3. New development

Are you trying to catch up on something? Maybe the dream of giving birth even though you are not married is a sign that you will have new developments in your life journey.

4. Big changes

Something big is coming! The dream of giving birth even though you are not married can be a sign that something big is coming to you.

However, dreams about babies do not always mean that. It could be that the dream of giving birth occurs because you have just watched a movie about babies or discussed about babies with friends.

Otherwise, if you’re not pregnant and don’t want to get pregnant, it could be a sign that you’re in a state of anxiety or anxiety that need handling. It could also be, the dream of giving birth is a manifestation of the desire to take care of others.

I hope it’s useful, Mom.

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