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The food on Jeju Island is more or less the same as Korean food (yes, mz…). My impression when tasting authentic Korean cuisine is: DO YOU WANT THIS MACHINE? :)))

Similar to Japanese, Korean cuisine really wants to make us taste the original taste of the food ingredients used. If you eat octopus it tastes like octopus, if you eat radish it tastes like radish. It’s not like our people who eat anything it’s definitely chili taste hahaha. “Korean people rarely use spicy or flavoring ingredients,” said Ms. Kim, my guide while on Jeju Island.

Now I know why Koreans have smooth skin.

So, what to eat and where is a cool place to eat while on Jeju island? Let’s see below brother. Caution : Food porn!

1. Octopus lives in Samseonghyeol Haemultang (삼성헐해물탕)

Mb who is holding the cellphone seems to have a bad relationship with the octopus :))

Octopus, abalone, scallops and jumbo crabs served fresh in a hot pot. Too fresh though. That’s why the tentacles are still wagging aka still alive!

We were silent for a moment. A moment of silence for the octopus and friends, because soon the soup boils, along with the waiter of the restaurant comes with large scissors, making this whole sea animal into small pieces. Various kinds of kimchi and side dishes also accompany our dinner.

As a dessert, baby octopus sashimi which is also still moving on the plate was served. Soon the baby octopus moved around in our mouths. Kind of like a battle between my mouth and baby octopus. Which of course won by me.

Terrible but delicious!

It’s a bit scary, but it’s really fresh.
Ready to eat
Pretending to be jijay even though I’m hooked
The atmosphere in the restaurant
The octopus is still rolling on the plate
Always busy! Let’s not get to the waiting list. Photo by cumilebay

2. Eating Flowers Jeju Story

Jeju story is really cozy and very instagramable.

It’s actually a cosmetic shop. They have a lot of perfumes made from flowers. Well, these flowers also turned out to be edible, haha. So there is a small restaurant inside this cosmetic shop. The menu is also… flowers.

The food we ate was a kind of abalone fried rice. The presentation is unique. The abalone shell is filled with a spoonful of rice and the abalone is placed on top. Plus a fresh salad with mixed flowers! Not decoration, but this flower is edible. I don’t know the exact name of this flower because it is mentioned in Korean, but what is clear is that the flower must be organic to be consumed.

Apart from food and cosmetic shops, Jeju Story also offers to make your own perfume. The perfume is made of various kinds of flowers that can be mixed according to our taste. Don’t eat this one.

Jeju story
eat flowers
Cosmetics shop
Abalone Fried Rice!
Happy eating… flowers!
To make perfume, the ingredients are dried flowers.

3. Spicy Fish Soup (not spicy according to Indonesian tongue) in Mulgogisesang (물고기세상)

The place is cute!

According to Kim, this place is a local favorite. Tourists are rarely brought here. This was the first place we ate when we arrived in Jeju on that rainy afternoon. Fish soup with a really red sauce made the cold afternoon warm. Plus with side dish banchan style which requires us to put various kinds of food into the lettuce that we wrap. Just like what I saw on running man hehe.

Kimchi everywhere when eating anywhere in Korea
Happy eating guys.
Fish soup mixed with potatoes and radish
Price. Please dirupiahin.

4. Bulgogi and Bibimbab in… (see photo below)

I don’t know what this is called. Can anyone read it?

This is the best food I’ve had in Korea. This bulgogi is similar to sukiyaki. Meat braised in a slightly sweet savory gravy. Could it be that I ate wagyu meat? hihi. Duh, that egg on top of the bibimbab makes me miss Korea!

Champion bulgogi!
There are always side dishes that are sometimes better than the main menu :))
Spend it, spend it!

Hopefully it helps those who are looking for a reference to eat on Jeju island.

. Jal moke got sum nida! Thank you for the food!

Thank you to the Korea Tourism Organization for bringing me to the above places!

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