4 Reasons Why HR Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile Can’t Hire


You must often get notifications that your LinkedIn profile has been visited by someone. It is very likely that the person who visited your profile was an HR or recruiter. If you use a premium account, you can also find out who visited your profile. However, what happens is that they only see and there is no follow-up process. According to Forbes.com, the following are: 4 reasons why HR who saw your LinkedIn profile stopped hiring.

1. Your profile and skills match the HRD search, but are not required by the company

HRD finds your profile based on the skills they are looking for. However, it turns out that there are several aspects that prevent you from entering the criteria needed by the company.

Basically, HR or recruiter looking for prospective employees based on the criteria for the skills they need. Then they will see each profile that they feel is suitable to be a candidate. It is at this stage that HRD is likely to visit your profile.

However, it turns out that based on the profile listed on your LinkedIn, skills and your portfolio does not meet the criteria required by the company.

Your background, abilities, and experience can be aspects that prevent HRD from targeting you as a candidate.

2. You do not respond to messages from HRD

This mistake can be made by everyone, whether he is a beginner or a professional. HRD has sometimes tried to contact you via LinkedIn or email.

However, some people don’t pay attention to notifications on their LinkedIn and some don’t check notifications on incoming emails.

In addition, there are also those who turn off notifications or don’t realize that the email connected to their LinkedIn is something important. Therefore, for those of you who are looking for job vacancies, try to always check notifications, emails, and never turn off notifications on your LinkedIn.

However, keep checking and pay attention if there are notifications or job emails coming in. It is not uncommon for fraudulent vacancies to appear suddenly.

3. Your profile matches the skills you are looking for, but your LinkedIn is not updating


Some companies have marked your profile in their database for later processing by HR. But when HRD rechecks your LinkedIn profile, what happens is that you haven’t been active for a long time and haven’t updated your LinkedIn.

For example, you last updated about 6 months or even a few years ago. You can update LinkedIn by posting some of your work. But if it was about 1 year ago, it could be HR assume you are no longer active.

In addition, when you list a skill on your LinkedIn profile, you don’t even include or post any of your work related to that skill.

For example, you have a graphic designer skill, but on LinkedIn, you post or share your work that has nothing to do with a graphic designer.

So that HRD assumes you have not used it substantially and makes them discourage from contacting you.

4. You have been marked, but the HRD has not contacted you

This happens when HRD has seen your profile and entered your profile in their list (database). However, a few months later they check your profile again and it turns out that nothing has happened or updates on your LinkedIn. So there are several possibilities such as,

  1. HR or recruiter give your data to recruiter other.
  2. Your position on the list is shifted to candidates who have more abilities than you.

Has your curiosity been answered guys? That’s 4 reasons why HR who saw your LinkedIn profile cancel recruiting. Always update and update your LinkedIn profile.

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