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Road trip, or road trip, in my opinion is one of the best ways to enjoy the trip. There is a saying that says, the journey is more important than the destination itself.

The closest friends of course have become the choice to accompany the trip. But, can a Terios be your friend?

I have proven it on a 14 day trip from Jakarta to Komodo Island. And, yes, Terios is indeed quite worthy of the title of adventurer’s friend. Here’s the reason.

1. The body is small but macho

Indeed, at first glance Terios is not a boy. More like an SUV for the family.

However, if you look at the curve from the back, you can see that although the body tends to be small, it looks very sturdy but elegant.

“From the back it looks like a mini Fortuner, the baby is the one,” said Mas Uut, one of the journalists for an automotive magazine.

The lights are macho, right?

In my opinion, the size is quite right in order to keep the car agile and easy to penetrate narrow fields.

Maybe in the next version the ‘muscle’ can be added a little bit, so people don’t underestimate it like me hehe.

And, one of the coolest things is the lamp, bro! Macho’s out! :))

2. Super Tough in all fields

I’ve tried it and concluded that Terios can penetrate all terrain, as long as it’s not really extreme.

From the rocky Sawarna beach, the sandy lava path of Kinahrejo, and the climb to the dipping Ranupane, you can do terios.

Sweeping Merapi’s lava path

The long, smooth paved and long curves of the Sumbawa crossing path are still comfortable to use. This 1500 cc engine even for a straight road does not shake the ‘butt’.

The suspension also feels very soft. I didn’t feel any significant vibration when I passed the cobblestone road. Smooth asphalt road? Be careful the passengers can fall asleep 🙂

3. Spacious leg room

This is the number one comfort issue when driving. In the Terios, even though the front seats have been pulled to a full rear position. The passenger behind him is still quite comfortable with his leg room. Very important for long distance travel.

My height is 168 cm and can still sleep soundly 🙂

The Terios7wonders team has a great sense of humor

4. Built-in GPS & Airbag

With the tagline of adventurous friends, Terios certainly won’t forget to put GPS and Airbags integrated into its dashboard.

Really handyjust in case we are on a mountain or coastal road which makes us dizzy. Never get lost!

Standing in front of Mahameru

How about you?

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