4 Recommendations for Good Loose Powder Local Brands Long Lasting and Flawless

You want to produce flawless makeup without pores and long lasting? Must try 4 good local brand powders

Powder is one of the equipment in make-up which is quite essential. There are various types of loose powder, such as matte or glowing finish according to each skin type.

Sowing powder can maximize make-up you look more flawless, without pores, and lasts for hours. There are many good, local branded powder products and the quality is not inferior to powder from outside. This is the recommendation!

Source: tokopedia.com

BLP is brand beauty belongs to one of the MUA and influencer Indonesian hits. Besides lip coat Phenomenal BLP, BLP also issued a loose powder product that can make makeup look even more flawlesswithout pores, and durable.

BLP Beauty Loose Powder is one of the good loose powder products and is recommended by many people. Packaging BLP Beauty Loose Powder is also very good because it is equipped with a net so that the powder doesn’t fall apart and place puff alone. Quality puff also very good, soft, and makes the application of powder so much better.

Another advantage of one of the best local loose powders is the soft texture of the powder, no powder scentand easy to flatten with various types foundation.

When doing touch up with this powder, your makeup will not shift and actually make make-up become visible fresh return. There are 4 shade options that you can try, namely sand beige, medium beige, beigeand light beige. With all the advantages provided, this BLP powder costs Rp. 149,000.

2. SASC Flawless Miracle Powder

Source: journal.sociolla.com

The next recommendation for a good loose powder from a local product comes from SASC. With the name SASC Flawless Miracle Powder, this loose powder has fine particles, weightless, easy to apply, does not dry out, and the final result natural matte finish.

SASC Flawless Miracle Powder also claims that it can disguise fine lines/wrinkles, and pores on the face without clogging them. The price of SASC loose powder is IDR 159.00 with 4 shadescovers ivory, warm, beigeand transculent.

You can also use this powder without foundationBB creamor cushionit’s just that it can’t close imperfections. However, if you are looking for a loose powder that is good for controlling oil but still visible flawless and weightlessSASC Flawless Miracle Powder is the solution.

3. YOU Makeup Crystal Look Setting Powder

Source: tokopedia.com

For those of you who feel that the two products above are worth the price pricey for students or college students, now you can try YOU Makeup Crystal Look Setting Powder. With a price of Rp. 69,000, this loose powder product claims to be able to make makeup last long and look flawless, you know.

YOU Crystal Loose Setting Powder is claimed to be able to control oil, matte finish, as well as water resistance. In addition, there are content licorice extract which is able to keep the skin soft and prevent skin pigmentation. If you are interested in using this loose powder from YOU, there are 3 color choices such as light, beigeand natural.

4. Jacquelle Tone Up Powder

For those who are confused looking for shade loose powder, Jacquelle Tone Up Powder presents 3 shade in 1 package. Pretty interesting, right?

Third shade offered by Jacquelle Tone Up Powder, includes banana, cream/ ivory, and pink/ lavender. Shades Each of these have their respective functions to generate make-up which is durable but doesn’t look cakey. To get this unique powder product, you just need to take out the budget amounting to Rp. 95,000.

These four good local powders you must try if you want makeup results flawless No pores and long lasting.

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