4 Rules for Giving Modern Baby Boy Names to Accurate Meaning


The birth of a baby boy is one thing that both parents are definitely looking forward to. Facing the birth of a child, of course, requires preparation, starting in the womb until he is born into the world. Including a name which is an identity that will be used by the Little One later in life.

In addition to being an identity, the name will later be used as a prayer and hope for Mother as a parent to the Little One so that he grows up as a good, successful, and moral person.

You can use the following provisions as a guide in naming a baby boy, namely:

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1. Naming time

Try to give the name immediately after the mother was born. It is recommended not too long and preferably within three days after birth.

2. Choose the best name with a good meaning

The name is a prayer, so it would be better if Mother gave a name with the best meaning and meaning so that later the Little One grew up as the prayer embedded in his name.

3. Conduct a previous name survey

The choice of name is actually free according to your wishes. However, it is better for Mother to have searched for and know the meaning of the name. Modern baby boy names, for example, are trending, which you need to know the essence or meaning of.

An example of a modern baby boy name, for example, is Virendra Ghifari, which means if it is described as follows: Virendra means a noble and brave man. Then Ghifari (gentle-hearted and forgiving) if put together then the meaning will be a noble and brave man with a soft heart.

Another example of a modern baby boy name is Abqary Parvez. Where the meaning of Abqary is smart and intelligent while Parvez itself has the meaning of success. When combined, the meaning of this name is as someone who is smart, intelligent, and has success.

4. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce & has a balanced meaning

Often names that are difficult to pronounce will even give birth to name calls that are far from their original names. So it is very important to give a name that is easy to pronounce when naming a modern baby boy, yes, Bun.

Then make sure the meaning of which one is balanced. Like the names that have been mentioned above, don’t let Mother get too excited so that she is misguided in naming. The goal is that the prayers that Mother sends through her name will be channeled according to her personality.

Those are some provisions that you can take into consideration when giving your little one a name. With a modern baby boy name based on the above provisions, hopefully Mother’s prayer for him will be delivered correctly. (PK)

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