4 Safe Tips to Lose Weight for Breastfeeding Mothers, Diet Success Without Torment

Jakarta – Weight gain (BB) during pregnancy still persists while breastfeeding? I want to go on a diet right away but I’m confused because I’m still breastfeeding. Hmmwhat is the safe way to reduce the weight of a breastfeeding mother, Mother?

The desire to lose breast milk may often be blocked for fear of disturbing the milk supply for your little one. In fact, many Busui are also not confident with their weight gain.

For most breastfeeding mothers, the desire to return to the body as it was before pregnancy is something they certainly want to realize. However, it is certainly not an easy matter. Moreover, the supply of breast milk is worried that it will be disrupted because of too much eating patterns that might change during the diet program.

According to nutritionist in New York, Mary Jane Detroyer, MS, RD, CDN, most nutritionists do not recommend dieting while breastfeeding. This is because the body needs extra fuel to make breast milk, which is approximately 500 calories per day.

“We recommend that Busui does not need a strict diet to meet the maximum milk supply,” he said as quoted from the page The Bumps.

In general, Shannon David, MD, an ob-gyn at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia says that the need for 1,800-2,200 calories a day is optimal overall nutrition for nursing mothers.

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Mothers don’t need to worry because breastfeeding itself can actually burn up to 500 calories per day, as quoted from the page Very Well Family. This means, even if you don’t eat more to maintain breastfeeding, you can still lower the weight of breastfeeding mothers.

On average, if you eat the recommended calories each day and breastfeed exclusively, you will lose 1 pound every week or two. It may not sound like much but steady, gradual weight loss is safer and healthier. Plus, you will be more likely to maintain your weight if you lose it gradually.

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However, it is also important to know things that are prohibited from breastfeeding related to diet. Click the video below:

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