4 Secrets of Creating a Portfolio Website That Generates Many Customers

As we all know, internet technology can be used by many people around the world. This is an opportunity to show our existence in the world. Especially now that there are many social media that have many users, one click of information about us can be seen by the whole world. To show our existence on the internet, one way is that we must have a portfolio website, where on the website we can show off the skills we have or anything about ourselves so that people know and we get job opportunities or business opportunities from the website. Here are tips for making your portfolio website to generate lots of customers:

1. Set goals

Before creating a portfolio website, it’s a good idea to determine your goals. Whether the goal is to get a job, sell your work, gain a reputation or to communicate. This goal must be determined beforehand, because later it will affect the content on the website that you will fill.

2. Simple display

Use the website display as simple as possible so that website visitors who see your web portfolio are not confused and can immediately understand what you are displaying and interesting to see. If the display is too complicated then visitors will find it difficult to find information about you.

id="3-resource-server-yang-digunakan">3. Resource server used

The template / content that you use must be adjusted to the server or hosting resource you are using. Using websites with special needs, such as on a portfolio website, there are applications that you will demo and require special resources, you can choose hosting that can meet the needs of your website. Don’t forget to choose a hosting service 24 hours non-stop because if you need help at any time, it can be immediately followed up and handled immediately.

id="4-unik">4. Unique

Your portfolio website must be unique so that it is easily recognized by website visitors. If you are a graphic designer, make graphic design work as unique as possible and also display a unique website so that website visitors can easily remember you and contact you immediately. Create more creative website content so people don’t get bored visiting your website.

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How? Are you starting to think about creating your own portfolio website? Good luck! If you want to share your experience or leave a comment, Mebiso.com is excited to hear about it in the column below.