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At every wedding, the bride and groom want great photos. Not only good, but photos that can be remembered. The tears of emotion, affectionate hugs, and laughter of relatives should be well captured.

Of course that is the photographer’s job. But before that, more importantly, how do we choose the right photographer for our wedding? Let’s have a look!

1. Check the Portfolio

Photo by Edward Suhadi Production

Does the photographer’s results match our tastes?

Because wedding photographers certainly have style each.

For wedding photographers, generally see if he is able to present photojournalism that captures emotions in one photo? Journalism? Yes, because he will be the ‘journalist’ for our wedding.

For pre/post-wedding photographers, try to see if he is able to create a unique and not clichéd concept?

Of course, our own eyes must also know the definition of a good photo. Not necessarily a wedding photographer with a price of tens of millions is good in your eyes. It could be that the price of a few hundred thousand is actually already good.

But, I don’t want to pose anymore looking up at the sky while holding hands and pointing up while grinning pretending to be happy. If you know what I mean, hehe.

2. Ask him how he took the picture

Photo by Mario the Nine

As a photographer, I understand to always make the best photos.

However, not for my future wedding. I don’t want photographers who just take good photos, but photographers who actually capture the real — not artificial — moment of that special day.

Because I often see photographers with a ‘photo production list’ — which contains templates for moments to be captured; such as a photo with this person, a photo when he is sleeping, a photo with that person there, and so on that limit his own creativity. The result will be like a photo of a cliche model pose a la old school calendar that you don’t have soul.

It doesn’t really matter, but often I see the photographer just ‘secure’ the photo file so that it is in the album. Instead of capturing the moment with his creativity.

But what you should pay more attention to is, don’t choose a photographer who just wants to make his portfolio better. Not capturing the moment of your happy day.

3. Get to know your photographer.

Look for a cool photographer like this.

It is better to use professional services, not amateurs who occasionally take pictures for additional income.

Currently camera prices are cheap, many amateur photographers label themselves as professional, with very low prices, but the results are still questionable.

Amateur photographers can sometimes be better, but can be very bad.

I myself am confident enough to take travel photos such as photographing nature and culture. But dozens of times I have refused requests to photograph weddings. Because of course I realized because this is not my field and there are many people who are more competent for it.

You don’t want to have your teeth checked by a dermatologist, do you?

I also don’t want to bet on my wedding photos. It’s better to hire a professional photographer who costs a little more than regret for the rest of your life.

Make sure your photographer has a portfolio on their website, has examples of previous clients, if you have a friend’s recommendation, or is listed on a wedding vendor directory site such as Bridestory.

4. If you have made a choice, do not be too dictating to the photographer.

Photo by Axioo

If you have chosen a photographer, just entrust everything to him.

Don’t dictate too much I want this, I want that. Honestly, if I were a photographer I would feel a bit intimidated.

Remember, guys, it’s your wedding day. It’s not a film production set that should be directed by the script or style.

You hire the photographer for your big day. Just let them do the job and surprised you!

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